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Decorating With What You Have


I've been a decorator for over 30 years and I've seen beautiful things tossed in the garbage. My brother-in-law found a gorgeous antique bow-front dresser in someone's garbage and what did he do, but to bring it home.

Today we'll talk about giving older items in your home a new life in making them gorgeous and useful to you now.

One important thing to consider when deciding what to keep and what not to keep. Outdated sofa's are very hard to update to make new again. So with this said, the larger the item is - the less forgiving it is in giving it a new life. Some other pieces to consider in keeping...

  • older hutch - maybe remove the top piece and use as a buffet.
  • chairs to a matching dining room set - reupholster and use in other rooms of your home.  Buy mix and match chairs to now use with your dining table.
  • older chandeliers - repaint and add crystals to them.
  • older side chairs in the living room - consider reupholstering if you love the shape of them.
  • coffee table and side tables - consider painting to give them a new life.
  • older beds - consider painting them to make them new again.
  • older bureaus - also consider painting.
  • matchy-matchy night stands are out of style, so maybe use them as new side tables in your living room with a fresh coat of paint.

1) Older dresser given new life with paint - 2) older night stands given new life with paint - 3) older hutch made into a sideboard in removing the top and painting the bottom piece.

The $$$ we waste on home furnishings is sad, really! As a decorator, it is my mission to help you stop spending money on furnishings you don’t really need and start looking at tired “stuff” in your home as opportunities for creating something that is one-of-a-kind!

Paint is magical and my “magic” of choice when it comes to updating decor in my home I want to give a new life to! I’ve painted chairs, tables, buffets, mirrors, coat racks and more. And some of those things got painted and repainted again.

Learn how to paint furniture here in my How to Paint Furniture & Decor. Start small, like a frame or a chair. You can also follow lots of stuff on YouTube that has tons and tons of great videos to show you how to use paint.

Second to painting, slipcovering and reupholstering works to change the look and livability of what we have. It's not that difficult and YouTube has a lot of great videos on how to do these.

Moving pieces of furniture from one room to another is a great way of changing the entire look of a space.

  • older dining chairs painted and reupholstered for in your bedroom and your office.
  • older night stands painted - 1 left in your bedroom and the other in your living room.
  • outdated coffee table - make into a bench for your bedroom.

I'm not saying that you should avoid buying new and beautiful things for your home, but there are probably lots of things in your home you could revive instead with a simple coat of paint.

There are so many easy projects for you that are essentially - easy - peasy ways to rescue and restore things in your home headed for the trash heap!

The cost of supplies to change a look or make an item one of a kind is very little! But the satisfaction is priceless!

Some incredible sideboard makeovers...

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