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Winter Pillows

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So I'm sitting here thinking about the long winter season ahead of us and things that I'd like to share with you. One of the first things that popped into my little head - is pillows and how much we love our decorative pillows.

I've shared different pillow ideas in some of my previous posts here, but something new came to my mind.

Knowing that some of you probably don't sew and rather than using fabric glue to make our pillows, I thought of hand sewing them. I think this is much better than gluing them because you can basically do what a sewing machine would.

When doing your hand stitching which by the way, won't take long at all with a pillow - you'll do it with embroidery thread rather than regular thread and this is because it's much thicker and this is what you want - especially in making faux fur pillows. Just buy a color that closely matches the fabric.

So let's talk about the different fabric that you can purchase and where you can purchase it.

Faux Fur Pillows

These are my favorite faux furs from Joann's. As you can see they vary in price per yard. To make a gorgeous 18 x 18" pillow, you'll need 1 1/2 yards.

These actually replicate the fur of these animals. There's a lot of different faux fur that's just that - they don't replicate any type of animal fur.

Here's how you'll make your pillows - 1. & 2. lay your fabric flat on a table and measure the size of your pillow from one side - marking it and then from the other side and marking it - 3. cut out the pillow shape - 4. place the two pieces facing one another or with the two good sides facing out - now you'll begin hand stitching the four sides - leaving an opening for your pillow.  

Sweater Pillows

You've heard me talk a lot about giving new life to unwanted sweaters in various ways. One of the most wonderful ways of using them is in making pillows that are so warm and cozy.

I'm sure many of you go on purging bins and donate all of your unwanted clothing at various times throughout the year. So maybe you don't have any unwanted sweaters lying around. This is your moment to step outside your comfort zone and head on over to places like Goodwill and Savers to purchase a few sweaters.

I can tell you that I've bought sweaters to make pillows in the past and they don't smell and don't have stains all of them. But you'll definitely want to give them a good washing before using. This will definitely get you out of the mind set that they were bought at a thrift store because they'll smell like you.

You'll definitely want to buy either a large or extra large for making your pillows. You can prepare these by simple cutting off the arms and then cutting down one side of the sweater. Now you have a large piece of sweater fabric.

You'll hand stitch these the same way you did with the faux fur pillows.

Fleece Pillows

Making these are like making the faux fur one's. You'll purchase your fabric from a store like Joann's - 1 1/2 yards and hand stitch them the same way.

So now with all of our pillows in hand, where are you going to place them. Mix them up rather than having just one kind in one place.

Can you believe this pillow is $109.00 from Ethan Allen?

I love the mix of faux fur with sweater fabric. This is why I told you to mix up your pillows. Don't you love this look? So incredibly comfy and cozy.

I think it's time to talk about pillow inserts. Everyone knows what one of these is right?

Do you know what I do with all of my decorative pillows that I make? I purchase down pillows from the Goodwill for $5.00 each and simply remove the covers on them - leaving me with an insert that can cost $50.00 a pillow.

In my opinion, there's nothing else compared to a decorative pillow with a down insert. You will be absolutely amazed with the difference between these and one's with a polyfill insert.

You can also purchase these poly filled pillow inserts. This one's an 18 x 18" and it's $19.99.

These are all about you - so you decide what you might like to use as your inserts.

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