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Nutcracker Makeover

Wednesday 12/5/2018

Seeing this on Pinterest inspired me to make one of these makeovers using my own pink paint.

One thing I'd like to say about these is that their made very inexpensively, so don't be surprised while your painting them to notice that your not getting a nice paint finish.

I knew that I was going to be distressing mine, so this wasn't a big deal. If your not planning on distressing yours, simply go over yours with a piece of steel wool after you've painted them. This will make them ultra smooth.

These are the two products that I use whenever I'm painting something - ceiling latex paint and acrylic paint. Here I'm making pink so I used red acrylic paint.

I use these two things even when I'm painting furniture, just mixing a lot more of it. I love the chalky finish and I can make whatever color I want.

What the two paints look like when mixing. Obviously white is going to make pastel colors and you only need a dot of acrylic paint that goes a long ways.

This is what they looked like after the first coat. Notice how the new paint finish is not perfect. I did apply a second coat to these that looked slightly better. I didn't care about how the finish came out because I knew that I was going to be distressing these that would smooth out the finish completely.

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