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Easter DIY Projects


Easter DIY Projects

I'm so - so happy to create all of these projects. Each one is so precious with either bunnies, chickadees, or eggs - oh and let's not forget the scrumptious looking cake.

Easter Wood Block Decor


  • Wood blocks
  • Burlap
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint Brush
  • Foam Brush
  • Dark Brown Acrylic Paint
  • Vintage Post Cards

Step 1. Start with measuring the sides of your wood blocks and transferring the measurement to your burlap that you'll then cut.

Step 2. Cut your vintage postcards the same size as the front of your wood blocks.

Step 3. Paint the edges of the wood blocks with the dark brown paint.

Step 4. Brush Mod Podge onto the sides of your blocks and place your burlap that you cut.

Step 5. Brush Mod Podge onto the front of your blocks and place your vintage post cards. With your fingers, smooth out the paper and any air bubbles.

Cement Busts and Rabbits

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Faux Concrete Supplies:
  • Calcium Carbonate 
  • White and Black Acrylic paint
  • Brushes (old, preferred)
  • Acrylic Matt Medium or other sealer
  • ‘Object to be transformed’

Making Calcium Carbonate with Eggs

Collect some egg shells, wash them, let them dry. To grind them I used my coffee grinder. I have the intention of using this powder in my paint for the projects that need a good coverage.

Mix first color of Paint

Make sure that your object is ready for paint. If you are using something that is very smooth or shiny (even plastic) give it a good scuffing with rough sandpaper so that the paint has something to adhere to.

I found these paper-mache rabbits and bust on Amazon.

Mix the black and white acrylic paints together to get the grey you want.

If you look at concrete closely you will see there is usually some variation in the colours. This will be the lighter of the tones. Yes, it is grey however it is a warm gray, so it will need a bit of orange. Mix the lighter tone grey. I had a piece of concrete as a reference…

Add a good helping of the calcium carbonate. It can be quiet thick as you want to add some texture to your object. This is quite a ‘forgiving’ treatment and does not need to be fussy. I like to use my old brushes that almost end up like scrub brushes.

Paint on a layer of this mixture.

Mix second color of grey. Notice this color is darker than the first color.

This time in order to give it the concrete variations, only dab on with a ‘scrubby’ brush. If need be wipe some off. It should look quite mottled and rough. The larger particles in the calcium carbonate will look like the sand of the concrete; perfect. If you prefer an even more antique look you could also give it another wash of a thin runny paint to darken all the crevices and wipe off. This will accentuate the texture similar to aging.

Once dry, give it a good layer of acrylic matt medium (you want a dull finish) to adhere the texture from crumbling off. If you used sand instead of the calcium carbonate it would fall off even more. It is looking good already

Adding More Texture

Concrete usually has a lot of tiny imperfections, little holes/bubbles. To give the look of those use a scewer or toothpick to add tiny little dots to be the ‘holes’.

Pretty convincible!? It almost looks better than the real thing…

This Faux Concrete Paint Finish can be applied to anything. It will however look more convincing if the shape has character for concrete.

I was playing around with different techniques on using cement to make our Busts and Bunnies for Easter and came across this tutorial which is absolutely perfect for what we're doing here. It's going to add the look we want without the excessive weight of cement.

Easter Eggs

Decoupage Rabbit on Tin

Easter Accent Pillow

Easter Cake

Bunny in the Grass

Easter Cards and Gift Tags

Pastel Pink 5" x 7" Card

Easter Pastel Green 5" x 7" Card

Easter Pastel Blue 5" x 7" Card

Easter Cards and Gift Tags

Black & White French Country 5" x 7" Card

Small Bunnies with Bird Cages Plate

Large Bunnies with Bird Cages Plate

Small Sweet Bunny Plate

Large Sweet Bunny Plate

Small Bunny with Birds Plate

Large Bunny with Birds Plate

Large Bunny in Lush Purple Plate

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