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Easy Thanksgiving Bunting

November 11, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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Hello my Friends! I love it when I have projects that are super easy for us to make and today is no exception.

Easy Thanksgiving Bunting

This is what we'll be making today and I promise, you don't need a lot of materials!

Materials we'll need:

  • burlap (I took the easy way out this year and bought mine already cut into the bunting shape I wanted.  But you can save some money by cutting it yourself!)
  • Thick chipboard letters spelling out desired word (found mine at Hobby Lobby for $1 each)
  • Gold, metallic acrylic craft paint
  • Cream acrylic craft paint
  • Jute or twine

An in and out trip to your local Hobby Lobby!

STEP ONE: Paint the edges of your letters gold. Then paint the tops/front cream. Allow to dry between colors.

STEP TWO: Put down piece of parchment paper and then hot glue letters onto burlap pieces. You’ll want the parchment paper down because the hot glue is going to squish right on through those holes in the burlap!

STEP THREE: Using a hole punch, punch holes at top of burlap pieces and string jute/twine through to hang. Done!

How wonderful was this project! Super easy and beautiful to have for years that come.

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