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Easy Ways to Get Into the Christmas Spirit

December 9, 2019

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If your feeling a bit grinchy about getting into the Christmas spirit, this post may resolve this feeling and make the rest of December something special!

I have to admit that I cringe when I see Christmas ornaments and decor out soon after summer. I suppose it gives people a chance to purchase things that they'd like to add to their existing decor, but I think we should be able to enjoy each season and holiday as it comes.

One way that I enjoy falling into a season or holiday, is by making things specifically for it. And there's so many different ideas that we can embrace for Christmas.

I love these snowball pieces of decor. There actually orbs that you can use to decorate all over your home. On trays, in bowls or wherever else your creating small vignettes.

And would you believe that these are so simple to make and their gorgeous with the real looking faux snow, unlike the ones I made with plaster tinted with white. Let's take a look at how easy you can make these for your home.

This is it. Start by tearing toilet paper into 1-2″ rough pieces. Then using Modge Podge, work in small areas by coating the ornament with MP, then pressing the bits of tissue into the decoupage medium. Follow up by

brushing some MP over the bits of attached paper.

While the ornament is still super wet…quickly roll it into faux snow. Pat it on and squish the snow into the wet Mod Podge TP. Now allow them to dry.

And what about this adorable galvanized bucket with a vintage print?

  • Mini metal galvanized buckets
  • Shipping tape

Step 1. First, print out the image on paper at wallet size on a laser printer. Ink jet copies will not work because the ink will smear. If you don’t have a laser printer, a copy shop like Staples can make it for you for less than $1. And you’ll have enough to make multiple ornaments.

Step 2. Next, trim around the image closely and stick a piece of shipping tape over it. Make sure the tape covers all the image.

Step 3. Run your piece of paper with the tape on it under warm water and begin removing the paper from the tape. You might have to work at it a little bit. Getting ready for the magic to happen! …

Pretty Amazing Way to Make a Decal

Step 4. Now just stick them on the little buckets and you have the cutest little farmhouse Christmas ornament, North Pole style!

And you thought I'd be finished with these, no-no-no...

These are my kind of ornaments with the frayed edges.

  • 3" Styrofoam ball
  • Jute twine
  • Duck Cotton fabric 
  • Hot glue gun

Step 1. Cut a one-inch strip of white duck cotton fabric, or you could take a snip at the top and tear it the rest of the way.

Step 2. Put a little hot glue on the Styrofoam ball and attach the end of the drop cloth strip. Just start working your way around the ball, until the entire thing is covered.

Step 3. Once the entire ball is covered, take a 10″ piece of jute twine, tie a knot in the end and glue it onto your ball.

Are you starting to feel in the Christmas spirit? I certainly hope so!

Just a few more

Step 1. Take your popsicle sticks and cut off the ends so their square. Use either a bit of hot glue to make into a frame, or a bit of white glue will also do the trick.

Step 2. I've created this artwork at 4" x 4" for you to simply print.

Step 3. Cut out your artwork and glue to a piece of cardboard - cereal box, old calendar.

Step 4. Brush on some Mod Podge all over your cardboard, then place the artwork on top. Using your fingers, go over it lightly to smooth out any air bubbles. Place your artwork on the back of your frame and tape in place. Finish by gluing a piece of twine or ribbon to hang them from.

Are you feeling a little bit more Christmasy? Hopefully so, but if not - I have plenty more to share with you in the upcoming weeks.

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