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Elegant Dining Room - Refining an Existing Space

July 18, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Styles and Decor

Have you ever been in a situation where your putting the finishing touches on one room, than your eyes begin to stray into the adjoining room and you start thinking about extending the new look into that room, as well.

But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I knew that I couldn't justify all new furniture because I was refining my taste.


You might continue walking past the dining room dreaming about how you would change it if you could.

But sometimes that dream is all it takes. It’s where inspiration resides.


First you think about the ideal. Then you start to isolate the key offending pieces. Then you realize that with one epiphany, you can make some bold changes for a very reasonable amount of money. And that’s when the real plan begins to take shape.

Maybe you'd like to infuse your home with a more modern French style, which for many includes more whites and less pattern, with an increased emphasis on antiques and aged patina.

Honestly, before we go any further, this dining room renovation all started with this little candelabra. This one piece was the inspiration for the entire room.

I should underscore that this is going to be a work in progress. This is only the first step. The final pieces will have to wait for a while.

So let’s take a look at the details and the process.

You may already have furniture that you love, so then it becomes time to focus on accessorizing. First removed any faux florals you already have. Don't get rid of them, just give them a good cleaning with a dab of dish soap and water because we're not against using faux. Sometimes these can provide a bit too much color for the look your going after. At this point, you should be looking for crystal, gilding, patina and white linen.

Sometimes an epiphany will occur and change the entire look of a space. Like using inexpensive slipcovers in a quilted white fabric to recover your dining chairs.

Start looking for things like a crystal candelabra and tall chippy candlesticks. These pieces will add height to where you place them.

You may find while browsing that a large dough bowl would be perfect on your dining table. If you have dark furniture, think about using a white linen runner for definition in the space.

Don't overcrowd an area, but rather think about using things like a candelabra on a sideboard, balance with another large piece of decor. Also, don't forget about the wall space behind sideboards and buffets.

So these people have moved into this new home and simply placed their furniture in the given spaces. Shown here that's new is the large candle holders on the table and the large candelabra and cement statue on the buffet with a mirror on the wall.

So only (6) things bought here to transform the space into a French Country one

  • (2) large candle holders
  • large candelabra
  • large cement statue
  • "trumeau" style mirror
  • white linen table runner
  • (8) slip covers for chairs

Now when you step back and look at the room as a whole, you're going to be amazed at the difference the white slipcovers make. The drapery panels will be replaced with wispy linen panels.

This is such a wonderful example on how to change the look of a space if you already have the furniture.

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