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Excitement Before Christmas

Friday 12/14/2018

It is a bittersweet day here at Tailee's Designs. It's the end of 2018 for me and it's been such a fun ride. But mama's tired, really tired and looking forward to stepping away from the computer and crashing on the sofa with a good book and holiday movies. I'm craving just being in the moment and taking in the sights and sounds of the holidays. How about you?

I want to take this time to thank you all so much for your kindness, support and blog visits. It means so much to me that you take time out of your busy day to read my daily posts.

Don't you just love the days leading up to Christmas. There's so much excitement happening in buying special presents for your friends and family, to buying the dinner that your excited to share with your family to the actual day of spending time with your family and friends.

I'm sharing these beautiful vintage postcards with you, hoping that you can find the time to hope on over to the Dollar Tree to pick up a few 5 x 7 frames to put these in and scatter throughout your home to make you smile.

Very simply print out - cut - and place in your 5 x 7 frames.

Aside from all the excitement, I realize that everyone's frantic to finish their Christmas shopping. Working all day and trying to find the time to finish up everything before the most glorious day of the year.

Even if you haven't begun your Christmas shopping, or preparing food for Christmas. We're now 10 days before Christmas. Everyone works. There's still plenty of time to finish everything, you just need some simple planning.

Gift Shopping

  • Hopefully you have your list ready for the things you want to buy people. 
  • Take that list and decide where you'll go to purchase these things.
  • More than likely you'll be going to several places to purchase your gifts.
  • Group these places together.  Say the mall is at one end of the road, Hobby Lobby is across the street, Pier One is further down the street.  Home Goods is across the river and Marshalls is across the street from this.
  • So very simply, you plan on doing all of your shopping at the mall, Hobby Lobby and Pier One on one day.  Then Home Goods and Marshalls on another day.

Food Shopping

  • The grocery store is in between these two places. 
  • You could simply leave this entirely to a different day, or you could decide which side of the bridge you'll be doing the least amount of shopping and then head on over to the grocery store.

So simply said, you could finish everything in 3 days.

Then look for your super warm and cozy relaxing pants.

Give yourself a deserve it.

A little something Fun for your kids this year

I know - a little blurry - sorry.  Just print these out - cut and give your child one each day up till Christmas. Because there's only four, you can double them up till Christmas.

What's your child doing during Christmas Break?

Crafts for You and Your Child

Make some Norwegian Gnomes for the winter season

With just some basic craft supplies, you can make these sweet little darlings.

Make some super easy pine tree luminaries.

Just print out on paper and cut out. Then curl the paper around and tape. Use a tea light inside for the night.

Make a few super easy Sock Penguins


  • Black socks
  • Sock in color for the hat
  • Rice
  • Rubber bands
  • White and orange felt
  • Glue gun
  • Black Sharpie
  • Ribbon for the scarf

Start by filling the black sock with rice (you’ll need a nice amount of rice). When you are happy with the amount of rice and the rough shape of the soon to be sock penguin tie a rubber band at the top. We used two rubber bands to make things more secure.

Now take another rubber band and place it just above the middle of the sock, to separate the body and the head. You will probably have to shape the body a little with our hands. Again we used 2 rubber bands just to be on the safe side.

Cut the excess sock. You can secure the top by adding some glue from the glue gun. Cut a white oval shape (measure it against the body to get things right) out of white felt. Glue it on the sock with felt glue (glue gun works well too).

Cut a small beak out of orange felt and glue it onto the head. Draw two black eyes with a black marker.

Add ribbon to make a scarf (glue with glue gun or glue dots – ribbons can be tricky to glue together sometimes, we found out these two glues work the best with ribbons).

Lastly cut one colorful sock (at the middle). Roll it up a little bit to get the hat shape and place on top of the penguin.

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