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Friday 12/7/2018

So we're just a few weeks away from Christmas and here I am thinking about the entire year. This is a great thing because I have a bunch of wreaths that I want to share with all of you for the entire year. Whether if it's for your front door, or to adorn a wall in your home - there all simply French Country gorgeous. I also think that it's a great thing to have choices - maybe you don't want an overly decorated Christmas Wreath, but one that's wonderful for Christmas and the entire winter season. You can jump on in and make one for this Christmas before it's too late because there all super simple. Pour yourself a cup of your favorite brew...sit back in your favorite chair and inspired to create your next wreath. Hugs.

First - how much do you love this wreath stand? I could simply devour it I love it so much. If you can believe it, this project was started with a lamp. You really need to see this

Christmas Wreath

I love all the wreaths I've seen with this "bubble" burlap being used. You could certainly use white burlap to make this with a Christmas touch for the holidays that can then be removed for the rest of the winter season. Maybe add a few snowflakes to it for the winter season. These instructions are for making a Fall Wreath, but it gives you the how-to's on making the "bubble" burlap - just ignore the fall things they've added to it


  • Grapevine wreath form
  • Artificial assortment of winter greenery
  • 2 Large red hydrangeas
  • Large white pinecones
  • A few white branches
  • Floral Wire
  • Burlap Christmas bow

Starting at the top, simply cut a long piece of wire - wrap around the stem of a piece of greenery - then feed through an area of the grapevine form and tie off in the back. Continue doing this down one side of your wreath form to the bottom. You'll also do this for the pinecones and white branches.

Now attach the two red hydrangeas in the areas shown in the photo.

Finally, cut a long piece of wire and run through the back center of your bow and tieing off - then run the wires through the wreath form and tie off in the back. Voila - super easy.

I just love Wreaths that you can use for two back to back holidays and seasons. This is one of these. Just simply remove the candy cane and burlap bow. Insert some white berries into the greenery and add a beautiful white burlap bow to it.


  • Grapevine wreath form
  • Lot's of different types of pine 
  • Large candy cane
  • Plastic snowflakes
  • Large burlap bow
  • Floral wire
  • Jute craft rope

Start by cutting a long piece of wire and beginning to wrap it around each piece of your pine, placing through the wreath form and tieing off in the back.

Now cut a piece of long wire and run it through the top of each snowflake - then though the wreath form and tieing off in the back.

Cut a long piece of your jute craft rope, run through a small section of the wreath form in the front and wrap around the candy cane like shown.

Finally and the crem-da-la-crem attach the bow - placing a piece of wire through the center back - tieing off - then placing it through the wreath and tieing off in the back.


I especially love this Wreath and I think it's because I have a fond affection for tattered and fringed fabric. This Wreath is a little time consuming because your tieing on each piece of fabric. I think this is gorgeous for the winter, but really it could be used for the Spring and Summer as well, maybe making it the perfect wreath for the winter through to the summer. If your excited to learn how to make this like I was, then hop on over

I love these wreaths equally because I love boa's. These wreaths are so simple to make - purchase a styrofoam wreath form - several white boa's and you'll need a glue gun. The amount of boa's you'll need depends on the size of the wreath your making and the length of the boa's. Simply start with hot gluing the end of one boa to the wreath form and wrapping around the form - hot glue at the end. Take another boa - overlap the first one - hot glue at the beginning and wrapping it. Continue doing this with all of your boa's. Now if you decided to add bottle brush trees and a little house - simply hot glue these to the bottom of your wreath like shown. Do the same thing if you've decided to buy a deer and large white bow.

Gorgeous Fall Wreaths

How beautiful is this. I love all of the burlap with the frayed edges. Perfect colors for the Fall, or rather than using brown burlap - use cream for the Spring and Summer. Really...once you learn how to do this - you can make any color wreath you'd like. So take a visit with this gal and she'll show you how simple this beauty is to make

I love all of the uniqueness about this Wreath. From the vintage doily to the feathers - it's simply gorgeous and pretty simple to make. It's fairly early to be thinking about next fall, but you can simply come back, or visit this girl and save her blog to reference next fall

Oh my gosh - are you in love with the rope on this Wreath as much as me? Another simply unique piece to create for your home.

Only because I don't agree with this tutorial is why I'm giving you my own tutorial. But in case you want to visit where I got this from,

Materials Needed...

Straw Wreath Form - Burlap - White Glue - Rope - Hot Glue Gun

Ignore the rope that's on the wreath - we'll begin with wrapping the burlap first. Lay your burlap flat on a table and cut 2" strips from it. Take one of the strips and begin wrapping it around the straw wreath form and place a dab of hot glue to keep in place. Take another strip and begin with overlaying your last strip and continue with wrapping it around the wreath form. Continue to do this around the entire wreath form.

Take the rope and begin with applying the white glue to it like this. You could use gloves to do this, but the glue will wash off very easily. Pour the white glue into your hand and run it down the rope. Attach it to your wreath with a dab of hot glue.

Then you can continue wrapping it around the wreath like this - only you'll see the burlap underneath like in the photo below. Continue wrapping the rope till your wreath looks like this - 1" gaps in between the rope. (The original tutorial started with wrapping batting around the wreath form, then strips of an old sheet. I don't agree with these parts)

Finally cut a 3" strip of your burlap, wrap around the wreath like this and make a simple bow. If your 3" strip isn't long enough to wrap and make a bow - wrap a piece around the wreath and cut wear needed and hot glue - now you can make a simple bow with tails long enough to go over the front of the wreath and hot glue on the front over the piece you just attached.

Every Day Wreaths

How gorgeous are these Wreaths. There so unique, yet so easy to make. These are made from book pages and definitely need to be used indoors. If your interested in making one of these, visit

Spring Wreaths

I simply love this wreath because of the way the tulips are lying on the grapevine wreath and the large burlap bow - so gorgeous with the grapevine wreath.


  • Grapevine wreath form
  • 3 dozen of tulips
  • Floral Wire
  • Large burlap bow
  • White distressed letter optional
  • Hot glue gun

We'll begin with attaching all of your tulips and to do this - simply cut a long piece of wire and wrap around the bottom of each tulip - run through the wreath and tie off in the back. You'll also need to use another long piece of wire to attach the center of each tulip to the wreath.

Now you can hot glue on your large burlap bow and white distressed letter if you choose.

I'm definitely making one of these this coming spring because it's so darn gorgeous and unique. I love the one with all the tulips.


  • Umbrella
  • 5 dozen of silk tulips or lot's of other flowers of your choosing
  • Ribbon

This is the easiest wreath ever to make. Simply open up the umbrella and stand upright with whatever you have on hand. Wrap the ribbon around the center and tie off in a simple bow really tight. Take each dozen of tulips and open up each stem, arranging in your hand - then place it inside the umbrella. Do the same thing with each dozen of tulips. That's it - your finished!!!

How amazing in this wreath? I love it and will probably make one of these as well. It's so simple to make and I'm glad my girl over at The Cottage Market is sharing this with us.

Summer Wreaths

I love this wreath for the summer because it's so light and airy, which is what we need in the summer. Better yet, it's another super simple wreath that you can make.

How perfect is this - another light and airy wreath for summer. How incredibly cool is this idea. I love it. Check out how you can make one of these

I love all the pink on this Wreath. I think it's so gorgeous for the summertime. You can use these flowers or pick your own - you just need to follow along

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