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Fall Room Darkening Drapes

Thursday French Country Decor

What a wonderful invention with room darkening draperies!

These gorgeous small elements to a room can provide so much for not a lot of money. During this time of year, we love them because it helps to keep any drafts from the windows from coming in. They been around for quite a while now and have come a long way. With this said, they've also come a long way in offering us some gorgeous patterns to work with in our homes.

I'm going outside the cream and white for fall this year. I was thinking of adding a little color to our homes quite easily with new draperies. Not only are these black-out draperies, but they'll help to keep your home nice and cozy. Think about the colors you love and want in your home.

Some of my favorites...

How beautiful are these for adding a little color to your home during the long dreary days. These are perfect autumn colors. For Christmas you could use the abundance of red in these, or blue and they'd fit right in with your winter decor.

And what about these for adding a ray of sunshine to a room? Do you use these colors when decorating for fall and maybe Christmas as well?

I'm in love with the shades of green and blue in these draperies. For me, these would work beautifully in my home because I decorate with a lot of blue pumpkins and also use blue in the winter for Christmas.

Each of these draperies are sold in a set and are from Wayfair. Just click on the link.

When looking for room darkening draperies, BE VERY CAREFUL because many of them as sold per panel.

Just think about the room you'll be using these in and if it could use a little pop of color. Or maybe you have enough color in your bedding and decor.

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