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Farmhouse Christmas Vignettes

December 16, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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Farmhouse Christmas Vignettes

I am just so happy that your here today my Friends!

Your really going to love these 15 vignettes I have to share with you.

I hope these give you a ton of inspiration when decorating for Christmas this year. I'm going to try my best in providing you with materials needed to make these vignettes.

Galvanized Bucket Vignette

Aside from a few ornaments sprinkled, with a large candle holder and small sacked tree (From Dollar Tree) - we have this large galvanized tin holding pine branches.

Galvanized Buckets


Wood Tier Stand Vignette

Now what I stumble on when it comes to these tier stands, is what type I should use.

Combing through my options at Hobby Lobby and Amazon, I found these to be quite expensive.

So I thought about making one of our own and here's the materials!

You will simply never pay these prices for a wood tier stand in any store again! How beautiful is this?

Collinder Vignette


Small Tree $4.99 from Hobby Lobby

So with these ingredients, you'll be well on your way to making one of these super cute vignettes.

Mirror Vignette

I'm going out on a limb and assuming that you have plenty of mirrors that you can make a small vignette like this with.

You'll need either fresh pine or faux pine, craft wire, pine cones and either torn fabric or some ribbon.

Simply gather all of your pine branches together and wrap with craft wire. Take a few pine cones and wrap wire around the tops of them. Then wire these into your pine. Tie a piece of ribbon or torn fabric piece around the bundle. Also make a large loop to hand this from.

Wood Tier Vignette

Once again, we'll use our DIY Tier stand to make this.

I know that you can buy all sorts of white tableware from the Dollar Tree. I'm not sure about the pitcher and container with lid.

To add the wording to each piece, you can follow my Making Autumn Mugs post on my Creative Ideas and Inspirations - Create and Craft Page. Just scroll through.

The lettering is from Rae Dunn and I've made a page here that you can simply print out on a 8 1/2" x 11" piece of transfer paper.

Table Top Vignette

Isn't this gorgeous!

We've already found much of what is used here.

Now let's have some fun!

To begin this gorgeous vignette, place the trees inside the metal buckets and place on either side of something you have for the middle giving a little height. Now place a few vases with a pine branch in each and place in the center on what you have. Place the other trees besides the ones in the buckets. Toss some pine cones into the mix and finish with your jingle bell garland in the front.

Metal Tray Vignette

I love this vignette and I think it's because it looks aged with the different things inside the metal tray.

Now I will say that we don't have anything in our shopping baskets yet to create this vignette, but we'll find them.

Wood Bead Garland $7.49 from Hobby Lobby, or you could make your own

Grab some white mugs at the Dollar Tree and use this 4" x 4" label to decorate them. Visit my Creative Ideas and Inspiration - Create and Craft - MAKING AUTUMN MUGS

See how creative you can get with these materials in making your own Metal Tray Vignette.

Potted Tree Vignette

This is a super easy one for us. We've already learned how to use water slides for the mugs - and now only need to paint the Terra cotta pot.

Mugs from Dollar Tree

Wood Tier Vignette

How precious is this little vignette? The little truck and the houses are the eye catchers here.

Antique Milk Glass and Plates Vignette

This tiny little vignette is only do-able if you head out to your favorite thrift store to find a milk glass container of sorts and a few antique plates. Then you know how to make this!!!

Cloches Vignette

We've made these cloches before. Remember!

Antique Sifter Vignette

Despite this being an actual antique sifter, we can do this easily with a metal bucket. Brand new sifters are slightly expensive. The least expensive one was $10.00.

Pine Picks

Now something fun...making rust! You'll want to do this first before placing your beautiful pine picks.

In a disposable bowl, you'll need a few materials - sand, white craft glue, brown acrylic paint and chip brush. First squeeze a lot of brown acrylic paint into your bowl, than add some glue and mix really well. Now add some dirt or sand to this mixture and stir really well. How's the consistency looking? You can add a bit of water if you choose. Now using the chip brush, begin streaking this mixture all over your metal bucket. Allow to completely dry. Do you need more rust, or maybe you need to sand the bucket in areas - it's totally up to you. Just work at making it look like an antique.

White Metal Tray Vignette

So first things first, if you decided on getting the galvanized rectangle metal tray, then you'll need to paint it white and allow to completely dry. Next, you'll paint your houses in a baby blue acrylic paint and allow to dry. But first, if you like the sand finish on the houses in the photo, then simply paint your houses with white glue and sprinkle on some sugar and allow to dry. Now you can arrange your tray with the houses and trees. If you want to, place a drop of hot glue on the bottom of each.

Antique Mixture Vignette

So what's the first thing you see here? Antique pieces mixed in with newer pieces!

Just look at what I've found. All new pieces that we'll make to look old! With the wreath box, just make a small amount of your brown acrylic paint with a bit of water and brush the entire box and allow to dry. With the metal containers, use the rust mixture that we used above.

I believe that you can buy the Santa Mugs at the Dollar Tree.

Game Relics Vignette

Wow...this was a tricky vignette to put together, but I think I've got it.

I know what your thinking. Why am I going to buy these games just to make a Christmas Vignette! The blocks you can use throughout the year to spell out things like - NEW YEAR, HAPPY NEW YEAR - SPRING - EASTER - SUMMER TIME and so on. The chess game and bingo game is something you might like to do with your family in the evenings.

I think I'm going to have a nap after writing this post.

I hope all of this has inspired you to create some of your own Farmhouse Christmas vignettes that you'll have for this year and many years to come. Just make sure you take pictures of your vignettes to create during future Christmas times.

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