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Farmhouse French Country

March 12, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Styles and Decor

The Love In My Heart

Farmhouse French Country

I love this style for so many different reasons. First and foremost - it embraces French Country style, but does so with a hint of it's own style. If I were to incorporate this style into my own home, I would use toile fabric that's been heavily washed and worn for my draperies. I personally would have my beloved white slipcovered furniture with constant colors resting on them with heavily worn fabric. I would also have my beloved very old - chippy - rusty decor everywhere. This could become a style that I absolutely love in addition to French Country.

Your Living Room

This is usually the room that one would walk into first upon entering your home, so it should be spectacular, as well as welcoming.

I love this living room because of the white slipcovered furniture and the aged white tables and sideboard. I also love how they've layered the area rugs.

So what are you thinking in looking at this? Maybe you can't get this look because you don't have any antique furniture? You don't need antique furniture to get this look and here's why...

I love all of these pieces. The sofa is from Ikea and the other pieces are from Wayfair. You can see here that you could start this look in your living room for very little money - actually $875.00.

Tomorrow I'll teach you how to age new furniture.

We don't see much dark anything in French Country, but it's gorgeous here. First and foremost, it's very warm and inviting. Secondly, they've blended newer furniture with newer aged looking pieces beautifully and their classic styles. The gingham draperies are gorgeous in this room and despite being black and white, seem to unite everything.

I love the use of silver mercury glass here. Not only is it beautiful, but it also adds another layer of texture to the space.

Aren't these pieces beautiful and look how inexpensive they are. Here's proof that you can achieve this style for not a whole lot of money. In my professional opinion, a chair like this with gorgeous wood feet and a fully tufted back for $193.00 is very inexpensive. Granted this is a mass produced piece, but I've done lots and lots of tufting and I can tell you that its very time consuming

This chair is from Wayfair and the draperies and coffee table are from Walmart.

Another gorgeous living room with a seating corner seen here. I love the large table in between the chairs. This really sets the tone for this room. Look how they've used a very simple metal chandelier here that's not glamorous but works beautifully here.

It's funny because I couldn't find a large wood side table, so I opted to find a small wood dining table (thinking outside the box). I love this one from Walmart because it's reminiscent of an antique table and look at the price - unbelievable.

A few other gorgeous Farmhouse French Country living rooms that I thought you would enjoy seeing. Notice how all of the living rooms we've seen have one thing in common. They've all used very neutral upholstered furniture.

Keep this one thing in mind when shopping for upholstered pieces for your Farmhouse French Country home.

I am so in love with this living room and I know you've guessed why. I love the use of white slipcovered furniture with medium wood see in the coffee table and antique dresser. This is such a relaxing room to be in.

So despite these pieces being new, they certainly resemble the look above. What I love the most about this living room, is that we can have this look for under $1,000.00. Who wouldn't love to have a new living room for under $1,000.00?

Getting back to my frugal side for a moment. If you can't afford to buy all the pieces at once - no problem - just buy one each week, or each month. Decorating is more than having beautiful things - it's more of what you can afford. Think about it. If you were to go out and buy everything you'd like to fill a space and at the end - your dead broke. Would you really be able to enjoy what you've bought? Nop - your going to sit back and think, I could have paid this bill if I hadn't bought that side table.

I created this blog to not only talk about my love and passion for French Country, but also to educate you in knowing that you can achieve any look very inexpensively.

Dining Room

Here's another room in your home that's simply divine. Here is where everyone gathers either for dinner every night, or possibly just for special occasions like holidays. Because people spend a lot of time here, it should be just as spectacular as your living room. Please don't go away in thinking that you really can't afford a new dining table right now.

I love these chairs. They really add so much softness to the area. Imagine them without the skirts on them.

Believe it or not, these chairs have been custom upholstered with the skirts on them. These are not something that you can easily purchase and if you can, there not going to be inexpensive.

If you would like to learn how to make a ruffled skirt, please visit my DIY Page.

I love these dining tables - perfect for if you'd like something simple, or if you like the more traditional style. I also love these upholstered dining chairs that are so perfect for adding a shirt to.

With Farmhouse French Country, think of a natural wood dining table and natural wood chairs with upholstered seats.

Tomorrow I'll teach you how to make a ruffled skirt for your dining chairs.

This could be a small dining room, but I tend to refer to it as being a breakfast area. It's certainly very warm and inviting with the black chairs and draperies with a black design. I love the use of the black chairs with the table being in a white crackled finish with a natural wood top. This is a very unique look for a dining area.

I don't love this chandelier and would definitely use a simple black metal one instead. I do love how they've played off the white table with the plates on the wall. A very inexpensive way of decorating.

To have a look like this, you'd simply purchase simple ladder back chairs and add tufted seat cushions to them. The table is something that you would need to refinish on your own. With this said, I will tell you that this is not a difficult project.

Tomorrow I'll teach you how to make a crackled finish for your furniture.

Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is a divine area to display all of your favorite tableware and if your lucky - antique copper pieces that you've been collecting. This is the heart of your home. All of those delicious meals are cooked here, people tend to gather here around an island for conversation and aside from it being a busy area at various times throughout the year, it's one that should also feel warm and inviting.

Add warmth by adding a breakfast table to the room. Doesn't need to be a large one like see here. Even a smaller round one would be gorgeous with a crystal chandelier above it. We haven't talked about crystal chandeliers with Farmhouse French Country, but I think in this space - it warrants one because of all the utilitarian appliances. A crystal chandelier would soften these elements.

Here, the white one works beautifully because of the black and white backsplash. But in choosing your, think of using a dark wood table instead with maybe natural wood chairs with cream upholstered seats.

Adding upholstered stools to your kitchen island is another way of bring in warmth to this space. Choosing either black metal pendants, or satin gold pendants will work in bring warmth in as well.

Your Bedroom

Ahh...I always love it when I get to the bedroom. Did you know that you can add a lot of warmth to your bedroom even if it's all white like seen here. I love everything that they done here.

The only thing I would do differently is using solid color decorative pillows on the bed in maybe a dark grey velvet with than a few dark grey gingham fabric pillows. I would also use a dark solid color blanket on the bed, again - maybe a dark grey one. A beautiful dark grey crocheted blanket would be perfect.

Using dark colors in an all white space is key to adding warmth. Satin gold is another color that adds a ton of warmth to a space.

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