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Favorite French Country Bathroom Decor

August 16, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Home and Garden

This is a room of your home where remembering IT'S ALL IN THE DETAILS is very important.

It's a small space where you can make a huge impact in creating the feel that you've dreamt about.

We're going to assume that you have the cabinets and shower of your dreams, but nothing else. It's rather naked really.

There are thousands of different decor for your bath. So the first thing is deciding your style and the feel that you'd like to bring to your bath.

I tend to like very simple accessories to keep the surfaces feeling clean and airy.

Here's a hand pump for your lotions. I love this because of the glass and the antique feel to the silver with the decorative ribbing.

I love to mix and match things, as well as they coordinate together. I found this marble tooth brush holder to go with my glass hand pump above.

Here's another one I love because of the glass solely. It's very unique and doesn't clutter the vanity with color.

Here's the coordinating tooth brush holder.

Now at this point in our decorating, we can do one of two things. We can find a matching soap dish, or we could get clever. I prefer getting clever.

I apologize for the black back ground. Here's a simple antique cut glass dish that's perfect for placing soaps.

A gorgeous antique pedestal cut glass bowl.

So create interest by mixing and matching what's on your vanity.

Here's a bathroom vanity with gold drawer pulls, gold faucet and silver wall sconces.

The blend of materials is beautiful here.

The large mirror in a medium shade of gold with the two silver wall sconces set the mood to this bathroom.

Now you may choose to start with something like your chandelier first, or a large ornate mirror on the backside of your bathtub. If you do decide to start here, everything else will play off of these.

Now that we have all the essentials for our bath, it's time to pick the things that will soften your bath. Lot's of fluffy bath towels and a gorgeous shower curtain.

Ahh...mirrors. The mirror(s) in your bath could be a focal point on your vanity.

I chose a simple antique looking mirror in gold to allow the gorgeous antique pedestal cut glass bowl to be the focal point.

Again, using a simple mirror allows the gorgeous glass accessories to become the focal point on your vanity.

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