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February Weddings

January 13, 2002 By Taina Laraba

· Styles and Decor

February Weddings

How To Have A Winter Wedding

Do wear whatever you want. Even though the weather might be colder, don't let that dictate the type of gown you'll wear on your wedding day. If you want to go strapless or sleeveless, feel free--just make sure that you bring along a wrap or shawl so that you’re not uncomfortable when you are outside (like during the walk from the limo to the venue). You might also want to opt for a heavier fabric to keep you warm.

Don't let you or your bridal party freeze. While you might be comfortable in bare shoulders or arms, your certain to feel what the winter brings. Be sure to keep their comfort in mind when choosing their dresses and with this, comes thinking about shawls that will go with the theme of your wedding.

Do be inspired by the season. Winter brings along some beautiful decor options: Icicle lights, frosted windows, evergreen and pine cone centerpieces are just some of the ideas you can utilize for your ceremony and reception. Having baskets everywhere with shawls that coordinate with your bridal attire is a certain charm that everyone will enjoy.

Do let the season inspire your cuisine. Winter is the perfect time to serve comfort foods at your wedding. Think a meat and potatoes dish for the reception and giving guests hot chocolate or mulled wine to enjoy before the wedding reception will certainly be admired from your guests.

Don't forget to light up the space. The sun sets early in the winter, so this is a good chance to add some ambiance to the ceremony and/or reception. White lights and lit candles can set a romantic tone to the overall day.

Do choose seasonal blooms. This season means that some of your favorite flowers--tulips, peonies, hydrangeas--are simply not in season. Getting them in will cost you a fortune, so instead opt for in season flowers, such as jasmine, irises, roses and lilies with lots of pine.

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