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For the Love of Animals

Big and Small

Thursday 12/13/2018

I don't think many of you know about my love for animals - domesticated - wild - small - large. I have a special place in my heart for homeless animals and yes I want to save the world.

When my parents still owned their home, their was the most beautiful small all black kitty on their walk way that was so affectionate and kept crying. It was in March and it was raining outside. I picked it up and held it close to me - wanting to warm it. As I stood there, I cried and cried - thinking of how much I wanted the neglect of animals to stop that very second. My Mom came outside and told me to just go home - that I couldn't save the world. You know what, I brought it home and found out she was a little girl. I brought her to the vet immediately because she was coming in with two other cats. I then learned that she was pregnant with just two babies. I said to myself - it's ok - I'll just plan as we go. The two gorgeous kittens were born. This beautiful little orphaned kitty gave me two geourgeous kitties.

I currently have nine little fur babies and love each one of them as if their my children. We're a big happy family and it makes my heart swoon in seeing how happy they are. Each one of them was rescued from being homeless.

I've collected so many photo's from Pinterest that it's getting a little out of hand, so I wanted to share them with you.

I just had to give this gorgeous kitty it's own space in being outdoors in the snow, but knowing that he'll be coming home to a warm and cozy home.

Make a Kitty Herb Garden

Super simple - just get yourself a large and low container like shown, indoor potting soil and the plants themselves. Then plant them and water. Put the tallest plant in the middle and work around that.

  • Lemongrass. Be sure to use the actual grass (not the essential oil, as it can be toxic). Lemongrass has similar effects to catnip on cats
  • Catmint  
  • Catnip – stress reliever
  • Rosemary – natural flea repellent
  • Mint – helps with digestive trouble
  • Thyme – soothing effects

Drawing a Simple Kitty

Drawing a Simple Doggy

Our Family

This is Sasha (our feral kitty that you'll read more about below) laying with one of her newborns - deservant of her own spot because she spawned four of our babies.

Album 1

There's six little babies to the right here - I have three more than this. Aren't they so beautiful all together? Love this.

Album 2

Here's this gorgeous baby panther - love it. I'd love to have one.

Look at the coat on this horse - so majestic and absolutely gorgeous.

Just look at this poor little kitty with one eye. The owner posted "She's not perfect but she's my little one eyed fur ball." There should be a million more of these people.

Album 3

I had a bunny that I called Mr. Chips when I was around 4 or 5 years old. I loved that bunny so much. I felt it was important to dress him and so I did in my dolly's clothing and then would push him around the house in my dolly carriage. I'm 51 years old now, so I don't remember if he enjoyed it.

Although I especially love kitties, I also love all animals - babies and adults.

I love these dogs. Unfortunately many of them are abused and mistreated making them into vicious dogs. When they were born, they weren't vicious. God gave them life to be loved by someone. If I ever adopt a dog, I'll probably adopt a Pit Bull.

My feelings are this with Pit Bulls. If your affraid of them, then do something about the abuse of them where you live. You can go to your Police Department and find out where the gangs are that so prominently own these. Get a group of people together so you can peak in on these people and report any abuse that you see. These incredibly poor creatures aren't going to stop being vicious and wanting to kill on their own. They were breed to kill of no fault of their own.

Make your own Doggy Coat

Make your own Doggy or Kitty Sweater

In 2 minutes

Get an unwanted sweater, either of your own or pick up one at Goodwill in the approximate size your baby is. Then simply cut off the arms like shown above. If the warn unravels, you can buy a special glue to stop the unraveling.

Here's another super easy one using an unwanted sweater. You can pretty much see what they've done by cutting off one of the arms, but don't just cut it off - cut with the shape of the top of the arm. Gently measure around your puppy or kitties legs at the top, the draw a circle onto your sweater piece with a sharpie, then cut them out. If you have any problems with the sweater unraveling, you can purchase a special glue to stop this.

This is craziness. I've never seen a cat this big. It's gorgeous, look at the face and the ears - it's like a lynx and the size of the paws.

Make your own Kitty or Doggy Collar

Kitty or Doggy Bed

Album 4

I find it totally amazing how some of these incredibly large animals, like the Polar Bears can be so loving - but in a wink of any eye would kill a human being without thinking twice. Look at this gorgeous Reindeer. I just love this picture. And the gorilla with the lady - I think this was taken from the movie King Kong because it's looking very familiar to me.

Can you even get over the kitten with the duckling. You know this is a baby elephant if he's laying on a sofa.

Doggy or Kitty Steps

Our fur babies will one day become older and may need assistance in jumping up into their favorite spaces. Give them a little help in building them some stairs. This tutorial is for building them out of wood.

I'm going to be making some for one of our fur babies Rufus who has terrible problems with his rear legs - doesn't even like us touching them. He really struggles getting into bed and has actually torn either the blankets or comforter with his nails when doing so. Because a kitty doesn't weight much - well Rufus is one of our larger kitties, but still - I was thinking that a couple of boxes will do the trick. One larger box and one smaller box - either one can be cut down.

Album 5

Even pigglies need love. This would be me holding the elephant trunks and giving love to them. Can I tell you that these little squirrel are lucky to have made it here because they were a complete nuisance last summer with my bird feeders.

How wonderful is it when we can provide our little feline fur babies with some exercise. I know a few of my babies could use it. I've been wanting to do something like this for a few years now and you know how it is - you come up with an idea and then get side tracked. This would be so easy to do with pre-made shelves that you'd then just attach to your wall.

Album 6

Getting Rid of Ear Mites in your Kitty

Album 7

I love seeing this. I'm wondering who's paying the electric bill? This is really near and dear to my heart. We rescued a feral kitten 4 years ago. She's been indoors with us - so happy and yet we still can't touch her. I can't put into words how much it breaks my heart. We didn't rescue her to never know love and the human touch. I know it's going to be on her terms. I'm just glad that she's home, she has all the comforts of the world - plenty of food and clean water - I just want her to have love.

Album 8

Album 9

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