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For the Love of Winter

Tuesday 12/11/2018

I've started working on this Sunday 12/9/2018. I had been couped up in the house for over a month. My laundry was backed up for 2 months - showing how much the both of us despite doing it. Haven't shopped for a bunch of stuff I need. Thank gosh my boyfriend did the grocery shopping for the month.

I've read so much regarding this and all of it makes sense to me.

  • Getting out and taking a short walk to get some Vitamin D into your body that's uplifting.
  • Adding film to your windows if you live in an older house.
  • Protecting your car side mirrors - this would be something you could easily do with the arm to a sweater.
  • Add felt inside your shoes to help insulate them.
  • Use your oven to help warm the house after you cook a meal.  Turn it off and leave the door open.
  • Cover your windshield wipers with either socks to the arm of a sweater.
  • Exercise - one of the distinct advantages that comes with working out is that it keeps your whole body warm. A warmer body system will function much better during the winter so you should exercise more.
  • Eat foods that will boost your immune system.
  • Make hot beverages that will boost your immune system.

So where do we go from here?

I'm going to start with warming your heart. This snowman reminds me of me with my planner - even though it's cold outside - I'd still manage to write in my planner. How gorgeous is this reindeer lying in the snow - absolutely gorgeous animal. I love these pictures of a village or downtown. I'm sure our downtown would look gorgeous in a snow storm, but there isn't a lot of places to shop as it's mostly restaurants.

I loved this photo. It's just simply gorgeous with how much snow is on these trees and seeing this woman standing in front of these huge majestic trees is somewhat tranquilizing.

I love this and could certainly use some myself. With just a few simple ingredients, you could make a batch to get you through winter.

All of you know how much I love my DIY's and what would winter be without working on a few. If your like me, you could work on a few at the same time.

How many of you aren't blessed with having a fireplace? I'm one. I want to show you how to make an artificial full size one. You just need to decide what wall you'd like to place it on. This is a struggle for me because I don't have much open wall space, but I'm certainly going to try to figure out something.

Oh my gosh, I've given you fire for your fireplace. I'm a little upset because the blog that this was supposed to have been written by - is nowhere to be found. Not to worry - I'm going to show you how to make something similar.

Take a short nature walk and pick up a few smaller tree branches - enough to make a pile. You'll also need to buy a package of white string lights, or white string led lights.

Once you've made your fireplace, place the string of lights in the center and kind of fluff up. Cut a small hole in the back of your fireplace for the cord to run through. Then place your small tree branches inside. Voila - your done - now light them up.

I actually like this so much better than the original post I saw.

If your like me in loving faux fur, this one's for you. Just purchase enough faux fur for the size rug you'd like to make, draw a cloud, circle or anything else you'd like and cut out. That's it. If you decide to put a rug pad underneath, just cut it to the same size.

Speaking of cozy rugs, here's another one that you can make the size of your sitting area in your living room, then place the faux fur rugs on top.

Umm...I absolutely love this rug. What's better than making your own rug saving you hundreds of dollars. This is time consuming, but is something you could do while watching television.

So we've got your feet nice and cozy, what about the rest of you.

Who wouldn't die to have a gorgeous blanket like this? Well his is one of the reasons why I'm here - we're here, this is incredibly easy to make.

From the woman who made this "I can finally start getting excited about winter now that November has arrived. Who doesn’t love cosy nights by the fire, wrapping up warm and frosty walks in the park?! And with it comes the chance to create some seasonal DIY’s.
I’ve been dreaming of oversized blankets for a while now, having been inspired by Pinterest-worthy interiors filled with chunky knitted throws, so I decided to have a go at making my own.

I was really surprised at how quick and easy this DIY was to make and I love the result. If you want to make your own read on to find out how I made my oversized arm knitted blanket…" Jump on over to here and enjoy...hope on your sofa with a hot beverage and a snack while watching tv to make this gorgeous blanket that's going to be the envy of the party. Yes - leave it out on the back of your sofa.

How beautiful is this for your dining table arrangement, or as I like to call them - a small vignette. Let's get going on making some of our own home decor.

How absolutely gorgeous are these. I love them and plan on making a few, especially seeings how easy they are to make. Behind the pinecones you see a piece of lace. This isn't necessary unless you want to add it.

These are one of my favorite winter decor. Of course I read the blog on how to make them, as I always do and their super simple to make. You do need a computer and printer.

These are 11" x 8 1/2". When beginning to attach them to the glass, I would glue them on back to back - meaning glue this one on first as it is...

Then glue this one on with the far right tree and house abutting the previous template. So this tree and small house will be abutting the church in the other template.

Presenting - snow fun. Don't these make you want to go outside in the next snow fall? It certainly does me. I've got my high boots, my jeans and an incredibly warm down coat. Umm...maybe I should get a hat?

How gorgeous is this with simply some pine, pinecones and brown berries with brown ribbon - the only thing missing is some snow. Not to worry, just hop on over here to learn how to make this and then come back to see how you can make some snow.

To make some snow to add to your pinecones and pine -

You only need a container of baking soda and some white glue.

Pour the baking soda into a disposable container (or you could just wash out a container) and slowly add water to it. It should become like pancake batter. Then pour in a good amount of white glue. The white glue is the binder that won't allow it to flake off. Dig into it with your hand and add it to the pinecones and pine. I love playing with this faux snow.

There's something about blue with the cold weather and the snow. I'm sitting here pondering what this is. Maybe the blue reminds me of water which is what snow is. I'm really not sure, I just know that I love blue in the winter.

Look how beautiful this is. The gorgeous blue glitter glass with the white snowflake and the beautiful silver ribbon - love this combination. I'm going to let this lady who wrote the blog show you how this is done.

Yep another blogger not adding instructions. Not a problem. Thank gosh I'm so crafty.


  • Mason Jars
  • A paint dauber
  • A foam brush
  • Mod Podge
  • Tea lights (battery powered, or not)
  • Salt 
  • Snowflake stencil
  • Light grey acrylic paint

Simply start with brushing on the Mod Podge to your entire jar and then while this is wet, sprinkle on the salt and allow to dry. After it's dried, you can do the same thing in adding more salt if you'd like.

Pour a small amount of your light grey paint into some sort of lid (that you can wash once we're done). Place your stencil where you'd like on the glass and tape down so it's nice and tight against the glass. Using your paint dauber, paint your stencil and allow to dry. After it's dry, take a butter knife and very carefully chip away the salt and paint inside your stencil. If you stencil is very thin, then use a nail to do this.

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