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DIY Winter Wonderland Animals

Friday 11/30/2018

Today is all about making our beloved Winter Wonderland furry little critters.

Reindeer - Owls - Penguins

Do you love paper crafts as much as I do? I'm really hoping that you do because we're going to be making a few to fill in nooks for your holiday decor.


This is how the deers will come out, only ours are much cuter. Just like little statues.

I know these templates look huge, but their sized to print on 8 1/2" x 11" paper - meaning that your deer will be 11" in height. Just print these in black and white and cut out to use on whatever type of scrapbook cardstock you'd like. Remember that you can easily paste gorgeous scrapbook paper onto regular white cardstock with a glue stick.

Just because your little deers are paper, doesn't mean that you can't use them in tiny vignettes like these. If you'd like your deers to have antlers, just hot glue on some tiny tree sticks.

I just love hand stitching little precious things like this little deer. I think it's because it's so tiny, meaning not much stitching and the results are fabulous and gorgeous.


These are actually tiny ornaments. Use the template above to make larger one's that are 11" in height.

Just cut out the other pieces like shown here - the ears and the bow tie.

Hot glue the bow tie to one side of your deer. Then simply begin stitching together - leave an opening and stuff with batting, then sew closed.

To get these little guys to stand up, you can buy tiny round wood pieces at Hobby Lobby, paint them black and hot glue them to the bottom of the feet.

Another type of paper that we'll be working with. Crepe paper that is very thin and corrugated. It's not as thin as tissue paper, but you will need a pair of sharp scissors to cut.


Use these little critters on your Christmas tree.

For the crepe paper pattern, just cut out a tear drop in the size that you think is appropriate for the size owl your making.

Or use them in small vignettes around your home. Also use these photo's to help you decide what color crepe paper to use. Maybe you want all white owls, or brown owls with white around the eyes. Just be creative.


After getting your towel folded and put together with a rubber band, place the googly eyes inside where the eyes are. Use a piece of cloth for the scarf.


How adorable are these. I just love them. These are 11" in height and will be gorgeous to prop all over your home. So super simple to make.

These are large templates, that will give you the 11" in height that you'll need.

Simply trace the pattern onto your cardboard and cut out. Make a slit in the two pieces like shown above in the center of each piece.

Now have fun painting them using black and white acrylic paint. After the paint is dry, slide them together. How adorable.

Oh my gosh - how adorable are these. All you need are some light bulbs and some black, white and orange acrylic paint. How you want to dress them up is up to you.

Just paint the light bulbs all black, then paint the center of one side in white like shown. To stand these little guys up, use tiny round wood pieces for the feet and paint orange. You could also use tiny little googly eyes instead of painting them.

I hope that all of you had so much fun today with all of these DIY crafts. Isn't it fun bouncing between paper crafts and sewing crafts with a few painting crafts in between? I need to get going in making my own.

It's really pretty amazing what you can do when you just allow your mind to flow. Even when your focused on one thing, but your not really sure what it is specifically that you want - so you just start looking for inspiration. The inspiration brings ideas that you hadn't even though of and then you build off of that.

I'm pretty much a multi-faceted person. I do everything from refinishing furniture to paper crafts and everything in between. One of my favorite things is being able to work with different mediums or materials.

In having led this life for over 30 years, I can pretty much tell you what I like and what I don't like know. I'm really trying to steer clear of the things I don't like and one of those things is sewing. I actually despise sewing even though I've done a lot of it in my life - all home decor stuff. I think I'm going to have to suck this up for a bit while I make my own faux fur pillows this year.

One of my favorite things to work with is paper. Unfortunately I don't get to enjoy this very often.

There was a period of time 10 years ago where I was obsessed with scrap booking and did all of my photo's. The albums came out so gorgeous, I love looking through them to this day and probably always will. I actually now have a ton of kitty photo's that I want to scrapbook, so maybe I'll get back to the craft I love before I know it.

I am so incredibly thankful for the gifts that I've been given in life. These are in fact gifts because God loves me and knew when I was born that I would be unique, so he gave me the gifts I have to create. My mind is the only thing that hinders me from creating. I can make anything I create in my mind and for that I'm grateful.

I've done and continuing doing many things that I've never been trained or taught how to do, it's God's gift to me. I hope that none of you feel that I'm getting to "holy ghost" with you. I believe in God and I believe in his only son Jesus Christ. You may think that I've lost my mind and may even stop reading my blog because of it, but Jesus walk with me every day of my life. I feel his presence. I feel his warm embrace when I talk to him. I know that whatever happens in my life is because it's what he wants for me.

Just find a way to believe in your heart and he'll make his presence known to you.

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