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French Country

Ruffled Tree Skirt DIY

Tuesday 11/13/2018

How amazingly gorgeous is this tree skirt? Perfect for your French Country home this Christmas and although quite time consuming, it's rather easy to make.

Materials you'll need...

Begin with making your felt pattern by folding the felt in half to make sure your cuts are even.

Then cut along the fold - making two pieces. While these are still together, cut to round the top and bottom of your fabric. Also cut a half circle in the middle.

Take your cotton linen fabric and cut 2″ strips down the entire length of your fabric; don’t worry about it too much if they’re not even.

Place a dab of hot glue on the edge of the felt pattern and place one of your strips. Gather the strip into tiny folds and glue it down onto your felt pattern as you go along. Just continue gathering your fabric and gluing onto the felt pattern. When you finish attaching one strip - take another one - place it on top of the one you just glued and do the same thing - gathering and gluing.

Continue doing this till your entire felt pattern is covered with ruffles.

A lot of work - I know, but look at what you've done and how gorgeous it is.

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