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French Country Spring In Your Home

June 27, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Home and Garden

Spring is about the beautiful green lawns starting to sprout, the trees budding with lot's of volume see on their tops, birds coming out with their babies soon to come. There's puddles to skip through and while we have a sparkle in our eyes, we're also breathing in the warm crisp air. Beautiful spring flowers are just barely seen with their little heads popping out of the soil and in a week or two, will be in full bloom.

Spring makes me think of birds nests and speckled Robins Eggs in their beautiful blue. I'm also very excited to begin smelling lilacs everywhere and picking some for my home. Aside from their beautiful smell, I love the different shades of purple.

Worn and soft vintage pillow cases are always perfect this time of year with their tiny floral patterns in pastel colors. A new cotton blanket on the bed with new crisp white sheets. An additional throw in a sumptuous pastel color fabric.

A Collaboration of Everything I'll be Sharing with You in Book 3

Paint - Flowers - Plants - lot's of Fabric Textures - Using Colors Together

With this new book, I've put a lot of details into thinking of how the influence of spring can be more than just a vase of tulips, bunnies or eggs.

It's truly the time of year unlike no other that we're able to breathe a sigh of relief - relief from the long cold winter.

We're anxious to get into our gardens and start planning where we might be adding new flowers, or where that big gorgeous antique fence can go for the morning glories to climb. Maybe think of how those gorgeous metal window boxes in Paris can adorn the windows of your home.

Don't forget that old wood table in your garage that's quit chippy and almost falling apart from having spent years there. This might be the year you decide to bring more of the indoors out with a gorgeous outdoor dining room.

Our beautiful slip covered furniture can be married with new pillows for spring in different fabrics like pink velvet, or French blue gingham.

There's so much that we can do now for spring that we often overlook them, use to how things look day in and day out.

Do you garden? Buy yourself some new garden equipment and kneeling cushion.

Are you a busy homemaker? Enjoy the recipes I've provided above with bringing the scent of spring into your home, as well as buying yourself several candles with scents of spring. Simmer a pot and light your candles as you get all of your busy work done.

Do you work full-time? This weekend buy a new porch light, either hanging or on the wall. Something really gorgeous that speaks your style. In your entryway, have a diffuser that smells of spring. Each night you come home, your greeted with your new gorgeous light and the smell of spring.

Once the snow has disappeared and there's hints of green, the fun begins.
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