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French Country Thrifting

with Milk Glass

October 13, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Junkin Market,Vintage Inspired,Home and Garden

Building a Thrifted Milk Glass Collection

Milk Glass are collectable treasures. However many, many of times people just donate it because they don't know the worth, or maybe it's not a collectable piece. None-the-less, their trash is your treasure.

Milk Glass can be found at thrift stores all the time in different style pieces. Vases are a popular thrift store treasure.

Especially hob-nail milk glass vases.

There's also a lot of other pieces that would be gorgeous in your home.

Not sure what to do with the pieces you find?

Fill a pitcher with flowers, or branches for a beautiful display with a few smaller pieces of milk glass tossed in.

Use smaller vessels for your house plants.

Using different pieces is gorgeous in making a small vignette.

Milk Glass Lamps

These are something that's not often found. So when you do see one, or two - buy them!

This is how you'll typically see them with aged metal pieces on the lamp and an aged socket.

When decorating with Milk Glass...

You often need to "think outside the box" from what their original use was.

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