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French Country Valentine Decor

February 3, 2020

· Home and Garden

French Country Valentine Decor

These are the only two things that are prevalent in French Country Valentine's Day decor. And why not, there both so beautiful.

Displaying roses in your home can be done in basically anything you have on hand. Think about other ceramic containers that you could use. Different shapes and sizes of glass vases are always welcomed, either on there own - or arranged in a group.

My favorite, searching thrift stores for antique pieces of porcelain or other containers of sorts.

Something as simple as an urn, or pitcher are perfect for holding roses that you'll be sure to see everyday - hence making you smile in that moment.

Use roses with other seasonal flowers, or create a vase with multiple colors.

Notice the other beautiful decor here in the pink faux fur stoops and pink glitter banner. And what about that large white piece on the wall? It doesn't take much to make your home feel the presence of LOVE all around.

I think roses are even more beautiful when displayed together. Antique silver is perfect, but so isn't small glass jars of sorts.

With the abundance of containers, it's no wonder people are excited to purchase lot's of roses to fill their homes.


Sold by William Sonoma $84.95

Handmade with tiny red dried flowers.

Styrofoam Heart form and Velvet is all you need to make this beautiful wreath.

It's actually velvet 1 1/2" ribbon.

Step 1. Cut your ribbon into 2" pieces. It's easiest if you fold over a 2" piece, then keep folding the ribbon back and forth. Once finished, cut the loops in the ribbon to give you separate 2" pieces.

Step 2. Now place a good size drop of hot glue in the center of one and fold up the edges, starting the the 4 corners - than bring in the rest of it. To allow it to dry without being disturbed, you can place a rubber band around the area that's glued.

Step 3. Continue doing this till you have a ton of them made.

We can always come back to make more.

Step 4. Starting at the top of your wreath, take one of your pieces of ribbon - place a dot of hot glue on the bottom point of it and press into the Styrofoam.

Step 5. You'll continue doing this with all your pieces that you cut. Please use the above inspiration photo for guidance.

Once your done, you should have a wreath that looks very similar to this one.

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