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French Country Vintage Silver

July 9, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Vintage Inspired

I have to say this is one of my favorite topics because I adore vintage silver…especially antique silverplate! And it doesn’t have to be from France to add that wonderful Country French look to your home!

There is just something frenchy about a footed tray!

The beautiful vintage pattern of tiny grapes and delicate tendrils gracing a fork just says France to me!

I love the patina of vintage silverplate flatware with those fabulous blunt blade knives…

…and the way old silverplate trays reflect everything around them!

But I think my favorite thing about vintage silverplate is the wonderful array of pieces whose use is sometimes a mystery…although years ago everyone would have known instantly that this is a roll top butter dish!

And, of course, to go with it, there must be butter knives in a variety of patterns! You may have already guessed my favorite…the one in the foreground with the grape motif and that unusual twist handle.

But best of all is antique quadruple silverplate! Once you learn to spot it, you will know instantly that the piece you have in your hands is over 100 years old since it wasn’t manufactured after 1900! And here’s where things become a really interesting guessing game. It’s pretty easy to figure out that this antique castor set with its shakers and cruets was used for seasoning the dishes at the table.

And this must be a sugar bowl…made of quadruple silverplate that has not fared very well…

…and has the most wonderful whimsical duck head holding the handle in its mouth!

But now it’s getting a little harder! Do you know what these are? They have entirely disappeared from modern use, but would have been on every well-dressed table a century ago! They are master sugar spooners, the one on the left having lost its lid long ago. I adore the little bird on the lid of the other!

It's a demi-tasse spooner, a petite version of its lidless big brother. I love the way it adds elegance to afternoon tea!

And here’s a piece of quadruple silverplate whose use has definitely fallen out of favor. Baby Kitty wants to know if you can guess what it is!

Here’s a closer look after it was all polished up…funny little legs, intricate flower and ribbon trim and a carnation engraved in the center. Any guesses?

It’s an antique calling card holder…playing a very important role in society a century ago! But today, it’s serving as a little tray to hold my earrings at bedtime.

A baby porringer can be repurposed to hold lemons for tea.

Or a vintage coffee carafe… can double as a pitcher for serving lemon water!

One of my favorites, pop a violet into a creamer for an elegant little planter.

Now I'm excited to do my own thrift store hunting to see what I might find.

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