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French Country Yarn Wreath

Monday 11/12/2018

Learning how to make this gorgeous wreath is seriously going to make you do a second look at what your doing. Your going to think - darn why didn't I think of this it's so simple.

The only materials needed are 2 skeins of thick yarn and a wreath form. This girl littleyellowwheelbarrow says it only took her 30 minutes to create this beauty.

"Ok, so this is the only time-consuming part; and by time-consuming, I mean it’s the piece that takes up the bulk of the 30 minutes.

I was able to loop both my yarn balls very quickly – your mileage may vary, but it is super simple to create the braid look we want."


Essentially you take both skeins of yarn and criss cross them all the way to the end of the both of them.


"You will be chaining your entire ball of yarn to make one long chain (x2)."

Leave at least 8-inch tail – and make a loop.

Pull your yarn through the first loop creating a new loop, and tighten the yarn a little bit. You don’t want to tighten down your loops too much, but you don’t want to leave them big and loose either.

Keep going looping yarn through each new loop. When you get to the end leave about 8 inches on the end after your last loop. Your yarn will look like a long braid.

When your ready to begin wrapping the yarn around the form, make sure your yarn lies nice and flat against the form from the front to the back.

Just keep wrapping the yarn around the form until you get to the end of your first ball of yarn.

Split your tail again, and tie on the end.

How easy was this - pretty incredible right?

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