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French Interiors - It's All In The Details


French Interiors - It's All In The Details

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Provence of France

So you’d like to have a French interior but you don’t have a five figure budget or know how to go about it? Let’s just sit down and have a look at it. As with most things, simply let your mind do all the hard work first and the rest is just, well, the detail.

First, you need to let go of all the stuff and nonsense you’ve been fed on the television or in the magazines, everything ‘the neighbours’ have. An interior that comes from within yourself and is the culmination of your life, your experiences and your sentiments so far.

The country life in France is what our decorating style is with the comfy slipcovered couches and heavily distressed tables. Homes in France will have little in the way of clutter and ‘objets d’arts’ will be mostly in the form of useful items, such as candlesticks, lanterns, baskets, boots and kitchen utensils for example. Plus, it goes without saying, a dresser (preferably in the kitchen) is essential for displaying and storing your family heirlooms which, again, will consist of ‘useful’ items such as tableware. To achieve the look add simple, light cottons or linens, faded colours and flowers in jugs. Think simplicity, air and light.

What to look for when choosing items to achieve this look:

• Detailing in the simplest forms
• Antique pieces
• Well-made items as seen in antique furniture - dovetail joints or strong double stitched seams
• Classic materials such as cotton or linen
• Items that ‘pull your interior together’ – for example, a cushion that features pom-pom fringe along the edges, or a unique piece of artwork to provide a focal point for a room

Interiors contain an eclectic mix of distressed woodwork, salvaged items, antiques and COMFORTABLE furnishings. French Country wall colors are influenced by the varying landscapes and climates of France, timeless neutrals, aged patinas, gilding and the colors of classic French Country fabrics.

If you don’t have aged worn out things in your home, then purchase a few new one's. The main thing is to furnish your rooms with stuff that have some impacts of time. It’s forbidden to use too elegant and snazzy things because the main idea is to achieve the effect of a rustic life, little bit rough simplicity and unconstrained in the design.

Kitchens are warm and informal, a place where family and friends come together to linger over home-cooked food and lively conversation. Consider butter, straw, sunflower or pale yellow for your kitchen walls. Natural greens in fir, olive or citrusy lime add character to open cupboards, while earthy browns appear on terra-cotta tile or hardwood floors and rustic wood ceiling beams. Other paint colors include creamy whites used on both walls and cabinets, muted blues or greys on islands and cabinets.

Gold gilding is a signature element of French interiors and decor. Add a gorgeous gold mirror, or picture frames.

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