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French Living in the Fall

August 31, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Styles and Decor

Let's get back to a simpler life

What exactly does this mean?

It's certainly going to vary from person to person.

Just think ORGANIC and NATURAL

When I think of simplicity, I think of natural materials. Such as a wicker basket to hold dried flowers rather than a shiny new container, or vase.

Or using things found in nature like acorns and pine cones just to name the most popular. You may however find a gorgeous bunch of smaller branches that you could simply put in a vase.

There's simply nothing that say's fall than a gorgeous vase filled with small branches. It adds organic color and texture to where you decide to place it.

Even a large floor container with taller branches is gorgeous in your living room.

And if you love glitz like I do, than simply spray paint your branches in gold.

Using organic cotton materials for throw pillows, your bed skirt and duvet cover.

Using neutral colors is gorgeous this fall like seen in this barely grey bedding.

Or vintage style bedding like this. The yellow in this beautiful print screams autumn.

Just a bowl filled with acorns is beautiful on a side table, or quite possibly your night stands.

Just keep your mind open to NATURAL & ORGANIC things when your out. This doesn't need to be just when your shopping, but also when your out driving.

You could be taking a leisurely walk and stumble upon acorns just waiting to find a new home.

My boyfriend was just at Dunkin Donuts and found a bunch of small acorns lying all over the ground.

You truly never know when your going to stumble across these beautiful elements of nature.

Unless you have a project in mind for using these scumptous little details of the earth, simply find beautiful containers to perch them in.

French Living in the Fall

Isn't just about the gorgeous outfits that are worn, with beautiful accessories to go along with them. But more so taking advantage of the beauty around you. Taking a day to put aside all the glitz and glamour to enjoy what we've been given.

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