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Getting Cozy This Winter

Friday 11/30/2018

This is one of my favorite posts. I had so much fun putting this together for all of you and definitely gave me a sense of coziness while doing so. It's definitely already inspired me with hanging white Christmas lights on the cabinets over my kitchen sink. What a different at night - so cozy.

I always start in one of the hubs of the home - so today I'm going to start in the bedroom where the most lush in the home should be.

Can you say DREAMY? That's what both of these spaces say to me. Just come in, lay down, grab that comfy throw and let the stress just fade away.

The bedroom on the left would be just as beautiful without the wood wall, so don't let that detour you from creating a gorgeous bedroom like this with the whites and browns. Notice the small crystal pendant lights over the night stands - perfect and your not taking up space on your night stands.

The bedroom on the right is equally as dreamy - just look at that huge cable knit throw blanket. How I would love to cuddle in that. I love the use of white and grey. Grey can be a gloomy color, but it's done so well here in acting as just a subtle burst of color. The greenery really helps to soften the space as well.

DESIGN NOTE - Use darker home accents against a white back ground. What ever color you decide to use, brown or grey, mix up the colors so you have lights and darks. Mix up textures as well.

I think we have a grey theme going on here and believe me, it wasn't intentional. I was just looking for "cozy french country" rooms. However with this said, there simply gorgeous. These two bedrooms represent both having light - medium grey walls, one with dark grey furnishings and lighter grey decorative items like in the bedding. The other bedroom uses either white as their furnishings with light grey bedding.

DESIGN NOTE - The key here is using light - medium shade walls to build off of. When choosing what you love in your furniture, make sure that it all is within the same color theme. Like with the dark grey bedroom, the headboard is a dark grey fabric - the night stands are black metal and the floor mirror is a dark grey as well. The table lamp is also black and gorgeous - look at the glass on it. This is an example of a unique piece.

I apologize for this not being the best of photo's. Again, they've used light - medium grey walls here. They've chosen white for their furnishings and built off of that with some of the bedding. They've also used grey and pink as their accent colors here that I think are simply gorgeous - I love this color combination.

DESIGN NOTE - You can have lighter walls with white furniture and still have a pop of color. It's just rather than using a loud pop of color like red, their using soft colors like in the pale grey and pink.

Very simple seasonal decor is added to these spaces to just invoke what the season is and this is all you need.

I had to share this piece with you from my friend Courtney at French Country Cottage who does beautiful things with antiques. This is a piece she has that she's decided to not paint, but just allow the beauty of the piece shine through. Yes it's aged and looks like it might have been painted at one point, but it's gorgeous just the way it is.

How incredibly crazy gorgeous are these two kitchens? I love them both equally. I absolutely love the antique light over the table in the photo on the left with the antique furniture. Every bit of this kitchen is antique - even the round candle holder in the window, the pot with the miniature tree and the wonderful tool box. Ahh...I just love antiques. And the kitchen on the right is just breathless. The brick wall is just so vintage and they've carried that over with the pendant their using over the table - very vintage style. The table could be an antique or it could be new - there's nothing depicting either. But look at the modern chairs that are being used here. Perfect juxtaposition see here. And I have a surprise for you with this kitchen...

How wonderful is this? You can create a kitchen just like this for not a lot of money. All of these products are from Ikea. One of the great things is that you can stain the table in whatever stain you'd like - a darker stain or medium stain. If you'd rather have a wood tone on the chair legs - simply spray paint them in brown and allow to dry. Then go over them with a piece of steel wool, breaking through in some areas to reveal the black. This will simulate a wood grain.

I want to make a couple of these gorgeous winter signs this year and once I've learned how to do it, I'll share it with all of you.

I realize this is just a large ottoman, but I can see throwing myself over it to watch tv at night and just lounging. How gorgeous is this with the natural rope and the white faux fur throw. Love this. There's actually many tutorials on Pinterest on how to make an ottoman using a car tire and rope if you'd like to give it try this winter.

Ahh...imagine coming home to this after a long day of work. I know you'd plump yourself on the sofa and not get up till the kids are screaming that their hungry. Just look at the amount of throw pillows. These alone scream cozy. Then you add the throw blankets into the mix.

I love the living room on the left because of all the dark greys and whites being used and the gorgeous crystal chandelier above. Even the wall sconce has a dark grey fabric shade on it. Notice the white sequined pillow playing off of the crystal chandelier.

The living room on the right is just priceless. I love how they've combined neutral colors of browns and grey in with soft colors in pink and white. This is a truly cozy pallette.

There's definitely something going on here with all these grey walls.

This is such a simple space, but it's gorgeous and so ever cozy with that throw. Faux fur is it this year. I love the slip covered l-shaped sofa. I love how they've used shutters on the inside that are clearly quite old and carried these architectural details into the center of the window with the faux window frame.

DESIGN NOTE - Use old - almost to the point of throwing away architectural elements like shutters in your home for a unique focal point and then build off of that.

Ahh...finally white walls and I love them because their ship lap, very popular on older homes. Again, gorgeous architectural features seen here in the antique door just propped against the wall, the palladian window against the wood geometric grid on the wall - just gorgeous. Again, I love the use of all the wood tones with the grey furniture. Then you have that punch of color in the cream ottoman and throw pillows. Notice all of the visible texture here, the wicker baskets and lamp, the different shapes in the architectural features, the gorgeous velvet barrel chairs and the tufting on the ottoman.

I love this living room not only because of what seems like a hundred pillows on the sofa, but because of the sofa itself. It's certainly not a new leather sofa because of the age on the arm, looks like my old leather recliner. But these pieces remain incredibly comfortable despite their age, as I hated throwing my chair away. The age adds character is what I say. I also love the floor pillows, perfect for just lounging at night when you need a little more back support from laying on the floor rather than your super soft and cozy sofa.

We've seen a lot of faux fur throw blankets, now look at these gorgeous faux fur throw pillows. How luxurious do these look? I definitely plan on making a few for my living room.

The next time your out thrift shopping, don't pass by that oil lamp because just look at what you could turn it into. I absolutely love this piece and love the new glass their using on it. And how about that little sprig of pine in the coffee cup - so cozy.

Don't forget about making your side chairs cozy as well because they get used too. I'm in love with this throw pillow. It's velvet with a faux fur trim.

It's Time for some DIY's

Now this is a portion of a bathroom I know, but I loved how they used simply wood to warm the space. I could also envision the toilet paper holder being in this bathroom as well. Warming up your bathroom like this is so simple. All of these things are from Hobby Lobby. All you would need to do is simply stain the trays and a few of the wood boxes in a medium - dark stain (rather than the white shown in the picture). Write a little bathroom message on the chalkboard and place in the back of the tray. Stack a few of the wood boxes for your toilet paper - screw together if you want to.

Can I just tell you how much I've always wanted a blanket ladder. I just love these. I'd go out to buy more blankets just to hang on it. I've always known that their fairly simple to make, but I found a tutorial really demonstrating just how easy they are to make and want to share it with all of you.

Now's the time to get those old sweaters out, or head on over to your local thrift store - ours is Goodwill and buy a few sweaters in cozy colors that your going to love. Simply cut the arms off of them to make these two projects. I love the large button sewn onto the coffee mug one. Talk about instantly warming a space - these will do it.

Here's another DIY room for you. I saw this photo and just loved it and immediately went to seeing how to recreate it. It's all rather simple with these products that I collected from Ikea. All you'd have to do is stain everything in this gorgeous "weathered grey" stain - allow to dry and give a second coat if you'd like. Once dry, your ready to decorate. Hang the coat rack, add the cushion to the bench and add a faux small Christmas tree inside the wood crate. They've painted the one in the photo grey that you could easily do with some spray paint.

Now just buy a few throw pillows and a throw blanket to make for a super cozy entryway.

This was so incredibly fun putting together for all of you. I hope that it inspires you to do wonderful things this winter and help to keep you warm and cozy.

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