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Getting To Know Your Style

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What Decor Style Are You?

Many people are stumped with this question, so please - don't feel any different.

People tend to buy what their most drawn towards without thinking about their design style.

There are a few definite things in design that should help you narrow down your design style!

  1. Do you like simplicity, or pieces with some age?
  2. Do you like color, or neutral shades of color?
  3. Do you like lot's of wood and things with a wood tone, or simple and more refined finishes

If you like Simplicity...

Than your home maybe looks very similar to this. Few accessories. Everything in it's precise place. Clean lines. Very neutral materials.

If you like pieces with Age...

Than maybe your home looks more like this. Furniture with curves and wood with worn finishes.

If you like Color...

Than maybe you find yourself at home in these photos. A neutral background with lots of Triadic (3 colors), or Tetradic (4 colors) color spread throughout your home.

If you like a neutral color palette...

Than your drawn towards whites, creams and greys. Like seen in some of the photos above, these are the main colors throughout your home in both furnishings and decor.

Wood or refined finishes?

Wood could be brand new furniture that's either simple and clean, or very ornate. Refined finishes are found on new furniture that isn't made of wood, but rather particle board with a laminate finish.

So what do you do when you love styles that are very different from one another?

  1. Find a "happy medium". This could be one particular color. One particular wood tone. The color gold. 
  2. Then use this "happy medium" throughout your home in the different styles that you love.

For example, using the color BLUE...

Use blue in modern artwork throughout your home. Use a cluster of 3 blue pillows on your bed or sofa. Use blue containers throughout your home.

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