Going from Christmas to Winter in a French Country Way

It happens every year. The winter blues creep in. And suddenly there’s a bigger reason to decorate than to just make the house look pretty. It’s to keep our spirits up even after the merry and bright have fizzled out.

So if your house is feeling a little empty after you’ve taken down the holiday cheer, I’m going to share some hygge love. (If you’ve never heard of “hygge”, it’s a style of living from the Danish culture that focuses on enjoying life’s simple pleasures- friends, family, graciousness, contentment, good feelings, and a warm glow.

But first I want to delight you with this scrumptious looking Overnight Baked French Toast.

This is a reminder to the fact that I don't cook or bake, so I'm leaving this up to the creator of this recipe to show you how it's made.

6 Ways to Make Your Home Cozy with "hygge" style.

Faux Fur Blankets and Pillows - Cable Knit Throws and Pillows

There's nothing that says cozy more than having these things in your home. From being on the sofa and side chairs, to being on your bed. So embrace yourself in these incredibly cozy textures this winter.

Lot' s of Candles

Having simple candle light adds so much warmth to a space

Lot's of Greenery

Add mixes of pine with natural flowers onto side tables, kitchen counter, night stands, nooks in your hutch, on a shelf in the bathroom and another place you can find in your home. This gives the feeling of bringing the outdoors in and that's always a glorious thing to have.

Items with Meaning and Sentiment

Gorgeous antique style picture frames with not just your favorite pictures, but also sayings that you love. Maybe a decorative item that you've had since birth, like a rattle or silver plated block. A gorgeous antique frame that you picked up at a flea market last summer, decorated with a pine swag.

Decorating with Neutrals

This is something that I always enjoy doing, not just in winter. However using these even more in winter can remind you of the gorgeous first snow fall that hasn't been touched with foot prints - just pure nature on your door step.


Because the days are shorter and we have a lot of dark days in the winter, lamps are always a welcome thing to have in different nooks of your home. Have lamps with different light bulbs in them. The yellow bulbs give off a warm light, whereas white bulbs give the feeling of a bright summer day.

Simmer Some Good Smelling Things on the Stove

Run Your Humidifier

Let's get going in creating a cozy French Country winter home.

How would you feel coming home to this everyday?

This is such a dreamy living room with gorgeous slipcovers, super and heavily distressed wooden furniture, the dark pillows against the white sofa, the candle on a stack of books, the photo gallery, the dark lamp with a neutral shade. All of this makes for a super cozy space.

I know that you want to just jump onto this sofa and throw your keys onto the coffee table.

I had purchased an entire living room set quite a few years ago that was all slipcovered. It was a set with custom slipcovers where I chose the fabric for each piece of furniture. This set was quite expensive and replacing the slipcovers was no exception. Now, this style has become very affordable. One can purchase slipcovers from a place like Ikea for very little money, making this style very affordable to do.

One of my favorite bloggers recently shared a post on the multiple transitions that her living room had. She's not a designer, but she knew what she was doing. She had two bulky sofas and a coffee table that changed multiple times. She moved the furniture around several times and opted to bring in a console table. She eventually bought slipcovers for her existing sofas and finally landed on a gorgeous upholstered "couch" with tufted buttons.

I'm telling you this because you might do the same thing in changing your living room several times before you absolutely love it. This is actually what I would love for you to do before making rash decisions on making large purchases.

A gorgeous dining area

This speaks to me in a thousand ways for a french country winter. First the gorgeous table and chairs - a perfect mix. Then some pine being used with reindeer and cloches decorated for winter. Wreaths on the back of some chairs. This most definitely speaks a French Country winter to me.

So how can we keep our favorite French Country style with what we already have for the winter?

A sprig of fresh pine in a vase tossed amongst white candles in cylinder glass holders is a glorious start. The ornaments here are beautiful, but not necessary.

Creating a small vignette with a vase filled with artificial white hydrangeas and colored glass is spectacular and another great start to creating your winter decor.

When looking for glass jugs, blue glass is gorgeous in the winter. There's something about blue that I love in the winter, for some reason it reminds me of snow and snowflakes.

Continue your momentum in purchasing super inexpensive artificial miniature pine trees that are just so delightful to have in any nook of your home, or for creating small vignettes.

These little beauties would be even more beautiful if they had flocking on them.

You can make flocking very easily with mixing together baking soda - a little water and a lot of white glue. This will create a thick paste that you can simply dab onto the branches and allow to dry.

Just some more miniature pine trees to share with you. I also love the pine in the large tray with candles. You absolutely need to see if you can scouf a few of these for cheap money now at places like Hobby Lobby.

I've talked so much about mantels in my blogs, having one - not having one and finally I'm going to share with you that having one is not necessary to have this beautiful look. Create this look with just a wood shelf instead hung on the wall.

Create the look of a mantel with just a wood shelf instead that's been painted in white and heavily distressed. Add lot's of pine and candles on stands. Voila, you've replicated this look.

Don't forget to add a large picture frame to the back of the shelf with a holly berry wreath hung in front of it..

Now with your shelf in hand, you can replicate any fireplace mantel decorating that you like.

Now I know that I've already mentioned this in some of my other blogs, but I do this. Leaving your Christmas tree up during the winter season is one of the biggest achievements for winter decorating. Now it becomes just a pine tree.

This time of year, your not so frantic with everything happening for Christmas, so maybe you want to consider a different base for your tree. Here, as you can see, there using a large basket. I've seen other one's in galvanized buckets. I've also seen one's with a galvanized metal skirt made. Just do a search on Pinterest for tree skirts.

Add warmth to your home with covering your lamp shades with jute just like this one.

Covering your lamp shades with part of an unwanted sweater will also add warmth to your home. See how to do this below with the DIY projects.

Create a winter wonderland in your bedroom very simply by adding white pieces of furniture - very neutral, blush colored bedding - candles on your night stands and pale, blush colored lamps.

The bedding shown here is white with a few very blush blue accent pillows. The middle of the headboard is upholstered in a very neutral beige fabric. The night stands are done in a distressed white finish with antique style knobs. Jar candles sitting on top of a few books to give them some height. Beautiful neutral colored lamps like this very pale grey one.

Adding a mirror like this with some height to it on each night stand is a wonderful thing to do. Not only will it add interest to the night stands, but will also make the space appear larger.

First time I've ever done this - putting the kitchen after the bedroom. I love the sprinkle of pine with an artificial pine garland over the stove and a small artificial tree by the sink.

The garland over the stove creates a huge impact in the kitchen, spreading that cozy winter feel. If you don't have a hood over your stove, simply hang it with a few nails and see how gorgeous it looks.

Wow - talk about simple - it doesn't get any more simple than this. It's just a matter of finding an antique sifter like this and you can possibly find one going to thrift stores.

I just love all of this white tableware - much like mine. I especially wanted to show you how handmade ceramic ware looks together. All you need is your ceramic ware and either a black Sharpie or paint pen that writes on ceramics - then work you magic.

Notice the little sprigs of pine. This is another thing that you could look for now is pine picks that are merely a sprig of pine with maybe a few pinecones. CHEAP - CHEAP - CHEAP.

I think pretty much everyone on earth knows that I love my DIY projects and this one caught my eye for the winter season and it didn't look difficult to do. Let's take a look.

This is simply a snowflake plaque if you will and you can make these any size you'd like.

You can simply see that this is a piece of wood, that you can buy from Hobby Lobby in a lot of different sizes some newspaper and either a snowflake stencil or snowflake stamp. It's pretty self explanatory. To add the newspaper to the piece of wood, first tear the newspaper to the size of the wood - then simply brush on some Mod Podge to the wood, lay the newspaper over it, then seal it with Mod Podge.

You can see with this photo how easy a sweater shade is to make using the body of the sweater. After doing this, make sure you have 1" at the bottom to fold under.

Cut off the arms at the top, then cut off the remainder of the sweater at the top, leaving 1" of it closes to the shade.

Now fold under the bottom and hold it in place with hot glue. Do the same at the top. You might need to notch the sweater above the arms to lie flat.

Making snowballs for the winter season is so much fun and their gorgeous to decorate with. All you need is (4) simple ingredients - Baking Soda, White Glue, Iridescent Glitter and Styrofoam Balls

Simply pour your baking soda into a bowl and add a little water at a time till you have a consistency of pancake batter. Then pour in a good amount of white glue and stir really well. This is your snow. Now take one of your styrofoam balls and just start adding your snow to it with your hands. While the snow is wet, shake your glitter all over your snowball. Rotate them around as their drying to make sure the entire snowball is dry.

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