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Growing Mums Indoors

September 13, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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Now I don't know how you feel about growing Mum's indoors, but I love the thought of bringing something that's typically outdoors in to enjoy much longer than it would have otherwise.

The days may become chillier and the evening even more chillier. I don't like looking out my windows and seeing my gorgeous mums just fading and looking like they've finished having their fun during the gorgeous fall months.

Did you know that taking care of them indoors is very simple and they'll last for a month if taken care of properly.

Now let me be the first to say how much I dislike those plastic containers that outdoor plants come in. If their going in the garden, this is fine. However if it's going into my home, it's a totally different story. I tend to shop for a gorgeous container with some age to it at Goodwill because this is where I know I'll find a gem for very little money. Once I bought a beautiful brass container with floral detailing on the outside.

How absolutely spectacular and gorgeous is this Mum sitting in an aged urn.

If you love this urn and how it looks aged, then this is how you'd make one of your own.

First purchase a plastic one like seen above. This one is from Wayfair for only $8.10 on sale.

Step 1. Lightly sand the entire plastic urn.

Step 2. Stain the urn with a dark stain.

Step 3. Make a mixture of 1 part flat white latex paint - 3 parts Plaster of Paris. Mix really well.

Step 4. Now paint your urn with the mixture. Allow to completely dry.

Step 5. With a bit of medium grit sandpaper, you can begin distressing the white paint to bring through the dark color underneath it. Once your done distressing it, protect your finish with a spray clear coat.

Even a simple white ceramic container is gorgeous!

Look at this gorgeous simple container that's actually a large salad bowl. Only $12.88 at Walmart.

Mum's Like Water

Keeping them hydrated keeps them happy. They will wilt quickly. Check them every day and when the top 1 inch of soil is dry or they look the least bit droopy give them a big drink. Water the base of the mums and try not to let the water hit the leaves or blooms.

If they are in a container make sure there is no standing water in the container.


If a mum is pot bound, it is a good idea to repot it. Use a good quality potting soil and give the roots a little “fluffing”. Put the mum in a container bigger than the original pot. This will actually help them live longer.


Mums love the sun! So put them in a spot in your home where they are getting lots of light.

If you buy mums in the bud stage, you will need to expose them to sunlight for them to bloom. Getting mums in the early stages of flowering means the blooms will last longer.


If you have cool nights where you live let your mum have a night outside every now and then. They get fatigued in warm temperatures.


As blooms become spent, remember to remove them. This keeps your mums not only looking pretty, but also encourages new buds to bloom.

Snip or pinch off the spent flowers right above the next set of leaves.

You should also take off dead leaves so they don’t spread any disease to the rest of the plant.


With this simple care, a mum should flower and look nice for about a month. When they are done throw them away. And replace them with a new mum.

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