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Halloween Banners DIY

October 19, 2019 By Taina Laraba

Hello my friends! Thank you for being here today to enjoy making Halloween banners for your home.

BANNERS are one of those things that most people overlook when decorating and I get it. There often small and flat - opposed to the large wreath sitting next to them. I will be the first to tell you that I overlook them all the time, mostly because I'm not looking for them.

But you know when you go through the baby isle at Hobby Lobby and everything's coordinated based on a color and quite often you see banners there that are just so incredibly cute, you wonder why you don't have banners in your own home. Then maybe you head over to the scrapbook section to buy some paper to make some.

Today we're going to focus on HALLOWEEN BANNERS because it is right around the corner.

When I'm thinking and looking for things that I want to share with you, it's like going shopping for me. I look for the best things and push aside the ones that aren't so great to me.

Because I love creating and usually the more difficult the better, I'll share some easy banners with you, as well as a bit more complicated.

I love this banner with the black tulle being the show off here.

Materials you'll need

Chipboard Letters

Extra Fine Black Glittr

Glitter Glue

Black Acrylic Paint

Six 4 1/2" Paper Doilies

2 Pieces of Black Cardstock for 5" Circles

6" Wide Black Sparkle Tulle

Permanent Glue Dots

Black and White Bakers Twine

Glue Gun

Hole Punch

Step 1. Paint the chipboard letters with the black acrylic paint. Once the paint dries, brush on a layer of the glitter glue and sprinkle the letter with the black glitter until the front and sides are completely covered. Let dry completely before moving on to step two.

Step 2. Apply glue dots to the underside of the paper doily. You will then flip it over and center onto the black circle. Smooth to make sure it adheres well. Now you will turn your letter over and apply the glue dots to the back. Flip it back over and center on top of the doily and glue into place.

Step 3. Now comes the fun part… ruffles! I cut a few 12″ lengths of tulle and cut it in half and then in half again, so you then have four 12″ lengths of tulle. Apply a layer of glue dots to the outer edge of the circle. You will now squish the tulle together and push onto the glue dots. Continue until you have covered the complete outer edge of the circle.

Step 4. Now you will apply a layer of hot glue on top of the circle with the tulle and lay the other black circle on the top. You should now have one piece with the tulle sandwiched between the circles. Repeat with the additional letters.

Step 5. To finish you will punch two holes into the upper portion of the circles and thread the black and white bakers twine through all of the letters and hang it up!

This was pretty easy right? Let's say thank you to Trish over at

Are you ready? Here's another one...

I love this pennant, but don't love the tutorial that goes along with it - so I'll be revising it as I go.

Materials you'll need

Chipboard Letters

Purple and Black Acrylic Paints

Halloween Scrapbook Paper of your choice in the number of letters you get

(this will be for the letters and in back of the letters)

Black Cardstock

Black Glitter

White Glue

Hot Glue

Step 1. Take your chipboard letters and we'll cover them with your scrapbook paper. Place a piece of your paper face side down. Then place one of your letters face side down on top of the paper. Now trace the letter onto your paper. Remove the letter and cut out, leaving 1/4" extra all the way around - even in the center of your letters (this will be to wrap the paper around the edges). Repeat for each letter.

Step 2. Now spread a generous amount of white glue over each chipboard letter and align your paper on top of it. Now your gorgeous letters are complete.

Step 1. Use some scrap cardboard and cut out pennant shapes. Paint each one purple. Using a tiny amount of black paint, go over the outside of each pennant.

I know...a little difficult to see the purple pennant. Just cut out pennants to the size you'd like. If you'd like, you can paint them purple. Then with your black acrylic paint, paint a zig zag pattern across the entire pennant. Then carefully take your brush with black paint and just scim the edges.

Step 2. Cut ovals out of the paper you bought for the back and paint on a tiny amount of white glue to the edges of the ovals and sprinkle with the black glitter.

Step 3. Fold your black cardstock to make a fan slightly larger than the oval you cut for the back. Run a bead of hot glue around the edge of your oval paper, then place the ruffled black cardstock on top.

Step 4. Now hot glue your chipboard letter to the center.

Here we go, another one for you...

Now this one you can do one of two ways. You can either get a checkerboard pattern stencil, or find checkerboard scrapbook paper.

Materials you'll need:

Checkerboard stencil, or scrapbook paper

Chipboard pennants, or scrap cardboard to make your own

Black acrylic paint

Medium size solid cream wire ribbon - rolls depending on how many pennants - 1 roll per pennant

Small size solid cream wire ribbon for the roses - depending on the number of pennants - 1 roll might be enough

Hot glue

Step 1. If using scrap cardboard to make your pennants, you can do that now.

Here's a pennant you can print and cut for your convenience. It measures 8 1/2" x 11"

Step 2. Either place your stencil over the chipboard pennant, or over your cardboard pennant and stipple black paint over it (stippling is when you use very little paint on you brush to pounce over a stencil to prevent the paint from bleeding underneath).

Step 3. If you've purchase scrapbook paper, trace you pennant onto the back of it and cut it out allowing 1/4" extra to wrap around the edges of the pennant.

Step 4. Now's the fun part. Take your ribbon and unroll it all from the cardboard holder. Fold it in half and cut into two pieces. Now you'll have two stacks. Leave out two pieces from this stack. Then take the remainder of the two stacks and cut these in half, leaving out two pieces from this stack. Do the same thing with the rest of the stack.

Step 5. Now take each piece of half the stack - meaning you should have pieces of ribbon going from shorter to longest. Group these in a nice little pile. At the end where they all fit together neatly, place a small amount of hot glue on each to hold together. Then place a little more hot glue on the back of the longest one towards on side in the middle of the pennant (because your next stack will go alongside this one). Do the same thing with the other stack.

Step 6. Now to make the rosette that goes in the center. Very easy. If your using pennants the size like I attached above, then take your smaller cream ribbon measure out from the end 8" and fold it. From here, fold it back and forth 5 times and cut. Now cut a piece of craft wire. Place your folded pile of ribbon in the center of the wire. Fold the wire in half and twist very tightly - you may want to use a pair of pliers. Hot glue the rosette to the center of the streams of ribbon.

Step 7. Now take the tails of your ribbon and start scrunching up and do the same with your rosette to get the look you'd like.

I hope you loved making these as much I did writing it for you. I think these are the one's I'll be making this year!

Lot's more inspiration for you.

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