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Halloween Before and After

October 11, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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Halloween is a fun time of the year with all of it's different styles. Some people like it super scary with every inch of their homes decorated in this style and other's, like me, just love pieces of this decor here and there in our homes. Maybe with a little bit of color.

This years Halloween

Just simply a few large real pumpkins sitting on a side chair with some cob webbing.

This is certainly an accumulation of years of collecting.

You could start your collection by getting a couple of chairs, maybe their random and maybe there not. In either case, paint them black. You could also pick up some sort of side table that will also be painted black.

Now rather than spending a lot of money on things like the skeleton and witch, leave them till after Halloween when you can pick them up very inexpensively. The longer you wait, the "cheaper" they'll be.

However if your able to just pick up a witches face, like a mask - then making a witch isn't going to be difficult.

  • Pick up a styrofoam pumpkin that will fit inside the mask. Depending on the color of your mask, like green here - just paint your pumpkin the same color hopefully using spray paint if you can find the color. I say spray paint because you won't have to worry about it chipping off.
  • Then for the body, use pillow cases and old sheets filled with other old sheets to form the body.
  • Then for the clothing, she's wearing a black skirt with a bunch of white web cowbing all over her. You might be able to find these things at Family Dollar. Or you could just spray paint your body form in black.
  • Clearly you'll need hands as well which maybe you can pickup when you purchase the mask, but only if their very inexpensive. If you do purchase hands, just hot glue them into the arms.
  • Just buy a white mug with a black rat to sit inside of it at the Dollar Tree.
  • The witches hat is also something you can buy at the Dollar Tree. Then purchase some form of purple flowers to put on the brim of the hat.

Pumpkins are perfect for filling in empty ares and there already on sale for very little money. All of these are from Hobby Lobby.

Rather than the skeleton and witch, place a couple large pumpkins on your chairs, as well as the side table. If you can find a large styrofoam pumpkin for little money, pick it up and paint it black to use on your side table as well.

All of this should be all you need in creating a gorgeous porch for Halloween.

There are a few design styles and architectural periods that lend copious amounts of inspiration to me-
Gothic, Victorian, and Steampunk are a few of them.

Shows like Penny Dreadful –set in Victorian times and classified as Gothic Fiction– are fantastic sources of decorating inspiration.

This would be so easy to create with a shopping trip to the Dollar Tree. They have skulls, the small headband witches hats, tiny pumpkins that you can paint wait and then withe the flowers, just pickup a dozen roses at your grocery store and dry them out after enjoying for a few days.


Opus Francigenum

I’m not sure why, but people don’t associate Gothic with French, but Gothic architecture is indeed French. The real name for the style is Opus Francigenum. It originated in France in the 12 century and lasted until the 16th century. In basic English, “the French Style” is what the fancy name, Opus Francigenum means.

And these are just very old castles built in france throughout the centuries.

Natural stone building materials in Gothic structures paired with massive illuminated stained glass windows are the source of inspiration when it comes to combining neutral and colorful tones.


Steampunk is a fascinating and relatively new design trend. Technically, it goes back as far as the 50’s-60’s
but it’s only been in the past decade or so that we are seeing the look popularized in the mainstream.

If you haven’t heard the term Steampunk, here’s the simplistic explanation:

Steampunk fuses design technology of the modern age with the philosophy and style of the Victorian age.
In home decor, you will see metals of all types used; bronze, gold, copper, gears, pipes, clock faces etc..

It’s all about mixing old and new.
Sounds kind of like French Country a little bit, huh?

We've already discussed creating the skeleton, but for the large witches at. This could also be purchased at the Dollar Tree, the purchase a bunch of purple flowers for around the brim.

The chunky pieces of industrial metal like the clock nestled into a gear with the chain around
the brim of the hat lends a Steampunk vibe but still looks French Country.

Things like this are best left to thrift stores, as they occasionally get pieces like this in.

I love the feathers and fluff on the top hat too! That’s so high-fashion Victorian.

Staging all of your fall decor skeletons against white table ware is the best way of displaying them - don't you agree?

Harry Potter meets Sherlock Holmes

Think of it like this:
Miss. Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children meets Harry Potter,
who meets old-school Sherlock Holmes.

A nod to the Day of the Dead

It’s a little nod to Day of the Dead style with the skull and flowers nestled into an ironstone pot.

I am just so giddy right now because I want to make all of these things, including the witch that can sit beautifully in our backyard to it doesn't get destroyed sitting in the front.

I truly hope that you can find time to make some of these gorgeous halloween decor pieces to lavish your home.

Last Years Halloween

Your front porch

I personally love using purple for Halloween. It's a beautiful color and has a way of softening all the black.

You could easily create these for your front porch using two large styrofoam pumpkins filled with Halloween black foliage, with a bunch of purple pumpkins in each.

Welcoming antiques into our Halloween decor

Lot's of antique things found here in the purple goblets and all the copper. These are items only found at your local thrift store.

Pumpkins galore

Painted purple, gold and cream pumpkins. We know how to do this. Beautiful tablescape with a few branches mixed into the bunch.

Your fireplace mantel

This is a ledge that I made and staged it like a mantel with beautiful black and gold pumpkins with silk purple roses.

For the love of natural branches

I love this vignette with all the bats. You can easily do this with a tall clear vase of sorts and a bunch of bats you can purchase at the Dollar Tree. The plaques with the bugs is easily made by first purchasing a few large bugs, possibly at the Dollar Tree and painting gold. Then purchase wood plaques that fit the size of your bugs, then painted black. Finally, hot glue on your bugs.

Again, copper found only at a thrift store.

Beautiful vignette for Halloween

A beautiful tablescape that you can simply make with a few candle holders painted gold and a large branch painted black.

Many of times you can find candle holders like this that are brass at the thrift store.

Swaying a little away from black is this gorgeous branch with all it's tentacles and a few black crows.

Whenever doing something like this, make sure your using a tall vase with either a piece of foam to fit at the bottom with brown moss on top, or black stones that you can find at the Dollar Tree.

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