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Handmade Mittens

December 4, 2019

· Holidays,Tutorials

Handmade Mittens


  • Sweater
  • Matching Thread

Step 1. Start by cutting off one of the arms from your sweater.

Step 2. Trace your hand and about two inches of you wrist. Round the upper edges to be even and match. Then cut it out.

Step 3. With sleeve turned inside out, lay your template down.

Step 4. Notice what I've done with the thumb. I cut a deeper slit down and folded the thumb in just a little.

Step 6. Pin sides and stitch closed.

You can sew your mittens either with your sewing machine, or by hand.

If sewing by hand, make sure your stitches are very close together - almost on top of the other because this is how a sewing machine would sew. If you want, go back over your stitches a second time to ensure there completely sewn.

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