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High Heels for Your Next Night Out

August 10, 20019 By Taina Laraba

· Styles and Decor,Self Care

Whether you enjoy wearing heels at night when spending time with your girlfriends or significant other, or during the day for lunch, there is a certain style that French woman love wearing.

Now if your like me in not being able to wear 4" heels anymore, there are heels specifically for us.

We know that french woman are very casual and dress with mostly neutral colors, unless their going to some extravaganza. So why should there shoes be any different.

A comfortable wedge heel in fun colors might be the bit of color you need to complete your outfit.

A beautiful pair of sling-back shoes in a vibrant color to add to those pair of rip jeans that you love so much.

A dressier pair of low heels is all the rage because they can be worn for work, dining out or play.

The stiletto's that I once loved. If you are able to wear these, there perfect for work to play. Whether if you want to keep them neutral or go with a splash of color - their simply perfect.

Wearing a pair of low pumps is also ideal for work to play.

Just throw a pair of jeans and a top that you don't care if it get's wrinkled into your gym bag and your set to go after work!

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