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French Country Winter


Winter of 2018 is almost here.

French Country is such a beautiful style to embrace all year long. Even in the summer with temperatures in the 90's hot and humid, it warms us with all it's gorgeous wood tones and the purest of white slipcovers.

I love the simplicity of this fireplace - just gorgeous.

How gorgeous is this space with all of the neutral colors. Light and dark grey, beige, white, brown and there's no shortage of texture, especially in these prominent white faux fur stools.

Look at how incredibly cozy this slipcovered sofa looks - so perfect. Then warm wood tones and greys used in the blanket and pillows.

How gorgeous and simple is this. I just love it.

omg - upcycle an unwanted sweater doing this with the arms of it. Love these.

Create this living room from Ikea for little to no money.

A slipcovered sofa is what's really going to start your living room off right for the French Country style. The side tables and coffee table are really up to you. Do you want new one's, or do you want one's with a lot of age to them. Maybe consider a side chair as well. Then it's a matter of adding a lot of texture and metallics to enlighten you days during the cold months.

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