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Homemade Paper Mache Pumpkins

October 29, 2019

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Hello Happy Friends!

I'm very happy to share this post with you because it's something that I just finished and my home is finally decorated for Halloween. I know-last minute decor is just like me.

Blackie is one of our boys who loves to get involved with whatever I'm doing. Today he learnt about "paper mache". His favorite is when I'm working with wire!

Rufus just loves hanging out, listening to my conversations with Blackie!

Step 1. Collect a bunch of newspaper - Step 2. Make some Paper Mache - flour - water and salt. Make your mixture of flour and water - should be consistency of pancake batter. Then add plenty of salt - Step 3. Begin making a ball - just crumple up a piece of newspaper.

Step 4. Continue making your ball by adding sheets of newspaper. Just keep placing your ball on a new sheet of newspaper and crumbling up. Continue doing this till you reach the size ball that you'd like - Step 5. Now rip a bunch of strips of newspaper - Step 6. Then begin taking a strip of newspaper and soaking it into your paper mache.

Step 7. And begin placing on your newspaper ball - Step 8. Continue adding strips all over your newspaper ball. Do 3 layers to ensure it's completely covered and has a nice thickness to it - Step 9. Set aside and allow to completely dry.

Step 10. Once your paper mache is dry, then you can begin painting them. I just used black acrylic paint - Step 11. While your painted pumpkins are drying, take a long piece of rope and begin separating it into smaller pieces. I separated my piece twice to make smaller pieces of rope - Step 12. When your paint has dried, you can now tie on some rope to make the indentations on the pumpkin.

Step 13. Now find something that you can use for your stem. I simply used a piece of an old branch - I decided to add a bit of tulle to my pumpkins to go with my home decor.

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