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How to Build a Pillow Collection

July 11, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Home and Garden

So what's a pillow COLLECTION? A stash of pillows? All of your decorative pillows in bags in one place in your home? No - no - no. A pillow collection is one that you can lavish in everyday. And with a proper pillow COLLECTION, you can change it throughout the week.

A pillow COLLECTION is different than having just a few pillows on your sofa. This photo is a perfect depiction of a pillow COLLECTION . All of them are different patterns and different sizes. This is what you want in a COLLECTION. Similar to any other COLLECTION. You wouldn't have the same of everything.

Here's a beautiful neutral pillow COLLECTION with a shade of blue added.

Now you could play around with this having just one large pillow and one smaller pillow. Or you could have one smaller pillow with the bolster pillow. Cuddling up with the two large pillows in a corner is wonderful at night.

Having a pillow COLLECTION similar to this could last you both spring and summer.

Here's another gorgeous neutral COLLECTION with a hint of pink added. Notice the larger pillows being in a pink velvet, the smaller pillows being in a pink pattern and the bolster pillow being in a dark neutral shade with a pattern.

Color, Pattern and Texture

There are hundreds of places where you can purchase pillows. One of my suggestions is to buy DOWN PILLOWS whenever possible. I will personally guarantee that you'll never want a different type of accent pillow again. These are the only types of pillows I have and not only are they incredibly comfortable when leaning, or laying with the, but they look incredible placed on the sofa. Just fluff them up in the morning and give a gentle bounce with your hand in the center and their ready for guests.

These are down filled pillows. Notice the tops of them how their almost sculptural.

Here, the pillow on the left is poly-filled and the one on the right is down-filled. Notice the difference.

How to Create a Collection

STEP 1. Simply start with two 20" x 20" neutral pillows.

STEP 2. Now you'll want to get a bolster pillow that can either be neutral (if staying with an entire neutral COLLECTION), or add a bit of color. Finding a pillow with texture would be wonderful with your simple large pillows.

STEP 3. Now's the time for you to buy two 18" x 18" or 16" x 16" decorative pillows. These can be one's that are plain with texture, or with a pattern.

Now you go and make your own pillow COLLECTION and don't forget to send me photo's as I'm sure it's going to look gorgeous.

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