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How to Decorate Your French Country Home

On a Budget

How to Decorate Your French Country Home on a Budget

Honestly, when I hear budget - my heart just sings. Now your heart might not be singing like mine, but I know you enjoy saving money when you can.

This is what we're talking about here today - saving money.

Here's 6 ways of saving without much effort.

1. Use what you have.

If you have old decorative pillows, then simply make new covers for them.

2. Spend your money on big items like sofa's, or area rugs.

Shop around when looking for large items. Don't just settle on the first one you see because I can guarantee you that it can be found for less money someplace else. Ikea and Wayfair are two good sources to use.

3. Mix old with new.

This is when you need to visit local thrift stores to see what they might have because let's face it, it's much better when someone else has paid full price rather than you.

4. Use lot's of greenery.

Mixing fresh greenery with artificial greenery is where your going to get the most bang for your buck. When grouped together, it just looks like a grouping of various plants which is gorgeous.

5. Upcycle - Recycle and Repurpose things around your home.

Take a hard look around your home. Think about the things your not really using. Think outside the box of ways that you could repurpose them - making them into something else. If you have a bunch of stuff like clothing that you no longer are going to wear, then recycle them buy donating them to your local thrift store and at the same time, pay them a visit.

6. Lot's of DIY projects

DIY projects are really what's going to save you the most amount of money. Granted they'll take a bit of your time, but in the long run, it's well worth it.

Other things to consider

Declutter and rearrange each room. In doing this, you might achieve the perfect arrangement for your furniture and also might come up with a handful of accessories that can be used in other rooms.

Using large accessories will take the eye off of the not so attractive things while your deciding on how to replace them.

This is what I'm talking about when I say "upcycling" or mixing the old with the new.

This is an antique table and chairs. All that's been done here is painting and heavily distressing the body of the table. The chairs are left in the original nature. The room divider in the back can easily be made with a couple hollow-core doors on hinges. Also buy some inexpensive molding. Simply paint the doors and heavily distress them and do the same with the molding.

Creating a space like this doesn't require a lot of money!!!

This is another way of upcycling something that you already have and I'm sure it's not difficult to do. Now I've never done this, so I'm going to leave it to the experts.

Again, this doesn't fall under my 6 rules, but learning how to add Board and Batten to your walls is going to significantly transform a space for not a lot of money and I bet you'll be wanting to do this in every room once you learn how.

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