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How to Dust More Efficiently

January 9, 2002

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Sorry my Friends - not everything is pretty with peonies and roses!

How to Dust More Efficiently

Start From the Top

If you start cleaning from the floor to the ceiling and go back to the lamp and then to your walls, you’re wasting your time and energy because the dust from the ceiling will fall to the furniture or floor and you need to come back to clean the things you’ve just cleaned.

So, start dusting from the ceiling and go to the wall and go to the furniture. Then start cleaning the rugs/carpet and finally, dust your floor.

Handy Microfiber Cloth for Wall-Dusting

Grab your flat-hand mop, stick the microfiber cloth to it, and start cleaning your wall with this handy tool.

Use Vacuum to Dust the Exhaust Fan
Use Pillowcase for Mess-Free Fan-Dusting

There might be sticky dust on your blade so before you press it out, you can rub it powerfully so the bad dust is trapped inside the pillowcase.

Use Tongs for Easy Blind-Dusting

Grab a microfiber cloth to envelop each tip of your tongs and tie them individually with rubber bands.

Use Makeup Brush to Clean Every Detail of Small Things
Use Lint Roller to Clean Lamp Shades
Use Tape to Clean the Inner Part of Your Drawer

Roll the ball in the inner-part of your drawer. Now just let the sticky feature of the ball trap all of the dust inside your drawer.

Save Your Small Things with Pantyhose

Put a pantyhose on your vacuum head before you start vacuuming the area. After you finish cleaning, carefully put off the pantyhose and collect your small things.

Turn your fluffy socks into a genius sweeper

Cover the base of your sweeper with the fluffy socks and start sweeping.

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