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How to Make Artwork with Transfers

This Weeks Top Stories About Birds


This Weeks Top Stories About Birds

Learn How to Make Artwork with Transfers


How beautiful are these. There's images of birds in nature and others that are painted. Alot of these images are priced way above $100.00.

What does one do if they really love these images, but don't want to pay in excess of $100.00? You make them.

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How to transfer an image to canvas

How cute is he?

Here's the four pieces put together to form a 16" x 20" image.


  • Canvas in the size you'd like
  • Inkjet print of Image you'd like to transfer
  • Either Mod Podge or Liquitex
  • Old Credit Card
  • Foam Brush
  • Spray matte Sealer

Step 1. The first thing you’ll do is print your image.

Step 3. Now we'll cut the corners of your image to wrap around the edges of the canvas.

Take the piece of paper with the image on it and make a 1 1/2" cut on each corner on a 45 degree angle.

Step 2. Cover over the image using your foam brush and either Mod Podge or Liquitex. You want to make sure that you coat the liquid evenly on the paper and apply it a little thicker than you’re comfortable with.

Step 2. After you apply it, you can see that the image is barely visible through the layer of Mod Podge. That’s what you want. When everything is evenly coated, take the paper and lay it centered face side down on your canvas. Then, as best as you can, smooth out any air bubbles with your credit/gift card. A little warning here: be gentle. The paper is wet and will rip easily if you’re not careful so just glide that card around and get the paper as flat as you can against the canvas.

Step 3. If you want to turn the canvas over so that the frame is facing up, it will apply extra pressure to the paper to make sure everything sticks. I even added some weights on top of the frame (I used candles) for good measure.

Wait 24 hours. YES! You must wait or it won’t come out right. The medium has to completely dry so that you can separate the paper from the canvas without creating a gooey mess. Do it too soon and you’ll be covered in sticky paper. Yuck.

Step 4. After you wait 24 hours, get your sponge really wet and gently coat the canvas with water. Pretty soon you’ll see the image appearing through the wet paper.

Start gently rubbing the paper off with the sponge (not the course side). It gets a little messy, but that’s how you reveal the picture underneath. Keep wetting the paper and rubbing gently.

Eventually the paper will come off and you’ll have your image on the canvas. Magic!

Another image I created

4 Pieces put together to make a 16" x 20" piece of artwork

8" x 10" Pieces

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