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How to Make Pultz Houses

November 21, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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How to Make Pultz Houses

Welcome Friends! I'm super excited today to share Making Pultz Houses with you.

Making the basic house structures is pretty easy in printing a template and cutting out. Then it's a matter of folding the house so it becomes real!

Step 1. Print the template on cardstock. These templates are

8 1/2" x 11". Determine if you'd like smaller houses to use as ornaments, or this size to use creating vignettes with multiple houses.

Templates printed out on colored cardstock.

Step 2. Fold each of the tabs. Place on a piece of cardboard and trace. Still holding in place, begin folding back each tab and marking a line for each of these.

Step 3. Remove template and using an exacto-knife and ruler, cut out the template. Also score along the dotted lines with a steak knife, or very lightly with your exacto-knife.

Rufus deciding to help me in cutting out the houses.

Step 4. Fold all of the tabs you scored.

Step 5. Starting with one of the tabs, run a bead of hot glue along it, then fold and attach to where it meets. Continue doing this with all the tabs.

Now with your houses made, your ready to decorate.

One of the most popular ways of decorating these tiny houses is with some faux snow.

To Make Faux Snow, you'll need:

  • Deco Art Snow Tex
  • Paint Brush 

Paint your houses in whatever color you choose, then while wet - sprinkle with some iridescent glitter.

Use all sorts of miniature things to decorate your houses.

Tiny bottle brush trees and tiny ornaments.

Tiny wreaths.

Tiny Snowmen

Some of the details in creating these miniature houses.

Creating a cloche or other type of vessel using these is always welcomed.

The possibilities are endless with these tiny beauties. Just see what your imagination can create.

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