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How to Make

Sparkly Frosty Branches

January 19, 2020 By Taina Laraba

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Thank you for being here today with me in making these beautiful sparkly branches.

I'm picturing these in various containers, or vases. Maybe even a bunch of them used to decorate your front porch.

What we'll need to make these, are...

  • sticks and branches
  • white spray paint (cheap-o is fine-o)
  • spray adhesive
  • epsom salt
  • coarse white glitter
  • fine iridescent glitter

When getting the salt be sure to use epsom, which looks like icy little crystals, as opposed to rock salt, which looks like, well… rocks.

Spray your branches with white paint.

When dry, spray a coat of adhesive onto the branches, then move them over an old cookie sheet and sprinkle the epsom salts onto them.

I do this over the cookie sheet so I can reuse the salt that doesn’t stick.

Scoop up any extra salt and put it back into the container.

Move the branches away from the cookie sheet and spray with adhesive again. Move them back over the sheet and sprinkle with the coarse glitter. Repeat the process with the fine glitter.

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