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How To Use Farmhouse Colors

February 24, 2002 By Taina Laraba

· Home and Garden

Did you know that there's different styles within the Farmhouse style?

This isn't unusual at all. The same is true for other styles.

If you love Farmhouse style and have been looking for ways of adding color to your dreamy neutral and white home, you've come to the right place.

Using a dozen - maybe two dozen in a simple vase is the simplest form of adding color to a space. Then toss in a small potted greenery plant and you have a vignette.

Would you believe that all this glass came from a thrift store? There's no reason why you couldn't create a gorgeous display like this.

In your bedroom

I must admit that blue is one of my favorite colors. I love this style bed, but I think I would have gave it a little distressing to bring through the natural wood. I love the mix of green and blue here, perfectly done with the lamps and draperies. Notice the shade of green being used on the lamps - it's very muted.

OMG - how dreamy is this bedroom? All white ship-lap and gorgeous Grey and beige bedding couldn't be any more perfect. I especially love the antique drapery hung to give a shimmer of privacy.

I'm not one for a lot of color, especially all sorts of color being used, but this I like. All of the colors are muted. This can be done by simply bleaching your colors and tossing in a few course rocks.

Although I'm not very excited with dark colored walls, they fit this space. The furniture goes beautifully with the wall color and just a hint of blue is the perfect crem-da-la-cream.

In your kitchen

Your kitchen can look just as beautiful as any of the rest of your rooms. It's just another space that deserves the same amount of thought in adding color.

First, what do you like? Even though we're talking about adding color, you can do this through different finishes and if you love the neutral color palette - this might just be perfect for you.

Another talk about using several colors in a space. I love all the white in this space - including the white tableware - pitchers and vases of sorts. This shade of blue is perfect with white because it softens the space.

In your living room

Again we're seeing walls painted in a rather dark shade. I love this shade of blue with the neutrals in this home.

Ahh...slip covers. I absolutely love this space. Blue being one of my favorite colors is used here, lot's of wood tone's and crisp white walls - love this combination.

Why not create a copy corner on your sofa just for you. This is where you'll have your evening snack, as well as reading your favorite novels.

I love the use of cabolt blue and pink used together harmoniously.

And yet, another cozy area to take naps, read your favorite book or just relax before facing the world!

If you've been living with lot's of neutrals and would like to add a little color to your home - decide on a color first. Then build out from there. Maybe you also want to add a complimentary color, or you want your color to be muted.

This is your home - do something you love!

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