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How You Can Begin Bringing

In This Style

March 19, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Styles and Decor

How You Can Begin Bringing In This Style

Farmhouse French Country Style

We talked so much about incorporating this style into your home, but I have a few more things I'd like to add.

First and foremost, remember what Farmhouse French Country style truly is. It's a mix of incredibly comfortable furniture with either worn, antique, or brand new wood side tables and dining tables. Each one of these dictates the rest of your home.

If you love antique furniture, bring in newer pieces with the same wood tone like seen in this photo with the coffee table. Let's face it, we can't all be lavished with ton's of antiques.

If you prefer newer pieces without the hefty price tag on antique furniture, this is wonderful as long as it completely embraces this style.

These are brand new table and chairs and there's nothing more to say than Farmhouse French Country.

Think about adding some sort of fabric to your dining chairs. Whether it being chair cushions, or upholstered seats - having fabric in a space creates a sense of warmth all on it's own.

What you can do today

  • Add chair cushions to your dining chairs
  • New draperies with a pattern against a neutral background
  • Several pieces of decor in each room that's chippy paint - metal, or rusty metal
  • New neutral bedding
  • Decorative pillows with muted colors

Don't be afraid to experiment with different things, or different looks. Doing this is going to get you the dream Farmhouse French Country look that you love.

Modern French Country

I loved adding that this style is driven by the Parisian Apartments that we love looking at.

I find it remarkable how their able to incorporate brand new modern pieces into their gorgeous historic apartments. It's a look like no other.

A large part of this style is in the old historic buildings seen in Paris. The heavily ornate walls. The decorative casings around the doors. The black metal work outside the windows.

It's very difficult creating something that's historic. We talked about making our own moulding in the Modern French Country Projects article. This is something I would definitely do if I loved this style.

The furniture you decide to add is totally dependant on your style.

A classic style in the shape and tufting.

Round furniture being very popular in Parisian apartments. Notice the legs that is conducive of Mid Century furniture.

This is a settee perfect for replacing arm chairs.

These three pieces are $270.00

This is perfect with it's round shape and plenty of seating.

Remember talking about how Parisian apartments are rather small so they usually use round tables as their dining tables.

I love this table because its so simple, but yet I love the shape.

Again, very simple.

I love this matte silver finish. It's very simple, but yet the silver finish adds a lot.

This one I really love because it's very Mid Century.

One thing that we don't want to do is introducing dark wood pieces to our home. Tables should be kept very simple and they do best in being white, or glass.

What you can do today

  • Create a few of those panels we talked about with handmade moulding and hang in your living room
  • Buy a small round table for around $100.00 with complimentary chairs
  • Buy an inexpensive crystal chandelier for your living room for around $100.00
  • Just begin thinking of replacing your living room furniture with styles like seen above

Once you start adding this style to your home, you'll become addicted to the lavish feel that you'll than have. Everything you think about will have crystals dangling from them.

Think crisp white with crystal chandeliers and modern furniture.

Industrial French Country

Another incredibly unique look to French Country, but as you've seen - this style can also be quite dreamy.

Quite often, when people think of industrial - their minds immediately go to "metal". France actually had a big boom in the industrial movement in the 1800's. Although this has no relevance to this style, I think it's rather interesting that this industrial movement did in fact occur and now we have an Industrial French Country style.

Rather than thinking just "metal" and big industrial moving parts - let's think about the comfort that this style lends to.

Think about our beloved white slipcovered sofas and armchairs with gorgeous round wood side tables and an aged wood coffee table. Or think about a gorgeous large "farmhouse" style wood dining table. Or how about a beautifully aged headboard with lots of lush white cotton bedding.

These are all things that can be used in this style. Yes metal is a huge component, but let it be in accents like pendant lights over your kitchen island, or a large chandelier in your dining room.

Don't ever feel like your comfort needs to be compromise in this style. In fact, I absolutely love the look of mixing comfortable upholstered pieces in with lot's of metal. The best part of this is that you get to create a style that's unique to you.

Do you prefer newer metal like seen in lighting, or do you prefer worn - dented and rusty metal. Either of these would be gorgeous.

What you can do today

  • Start with buying yourself a few metal pieces of decor just to get the flow going
  • Think about replacing your furniture with slipcovered pieces (we're just thinking)
  • Replace your draperies with neutral ones - cream, white, light grey, light beige
  • Maybe buy a new chandelier for your dining room for around $100.00
  • Think about replacing your end tables with new worn wood ones

Once you get going with baby steps, you'll be well on your way to creating this gorgeous style in your own home.

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