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Industrial French Country

March 15, 2019 By Taina Laraba

· Styles and Decor

Industrial French Country

Industrial French Country is a definite style, but there's very little information on the definition of it.

So my definition of Industrial French Country is a very relaxed style with lots of metal incorporated into every room.

In Your Living Room

Just because we're decorating in Industrial French Country doesn't mean that your not going to have comfort. You can still love your slipcovered furniture and adding just a few "metal" decor.

Several grey pillows are a must and look how gorgeous they look against a light grey sofa, or a white one.

The chandelier is going to be a focal point in this space, so it should be spectacular. These two chandeliers are around $100.00 and exquisite in a living room.

Wall sconces are another simple ingredient to add in your living room. I love the black one for on the sides of your sofa for reading, or on a wall next to your reading chair. The silver sconce is perfect for suttle lighting.

In Your Dining Room

How gorgeous is this dining room. What makes this different than your standard, or ordinary dining room is the use of this style metal chairs. The incredibly large wood table also plays into this, as does the old cabinets.

Do you have an existing dining table that you could use? If you do, maybe you could simply sand it down to the natural wood. Just think about this. Then purchasing chairs in this style isn't a large investment. You can actually purchase (4) of them for $130.00 from Wayfair.

This is a brand new metal dining chair that's incredibly similar to the one shown above. To eliminate the shineness on the surface of these chairs, you could go over the entire chair with a piece of steel wool. This will create a matte look. If you'd like to rust them in areas, take a look at my tutorial on doing this on my Tutorial page.

In this dining room, they've again used our favorite metal chairs, as well as a large natural wood dining table. They've also added an industrial style shelving unit. The chandelier here is absolutely perfect for this space. It follows the length of the table, reflecting the right amount of illumination across the entire table.

Using a couple metal wall sconces in your dining room is an idea that would cast just a touch of accent lighting - perfect for when your sitting just having a wonderful conversation. This particular wall sconce is from Wayfair for $50.00.

This small dining is gorgeous because of the chandelier. I love how all the greys play together . The walls, chandelier and chairs. I know these walls are very dark, but painting just one wall in a medium shade of grey would be perfect.

If you don't have one already, finding a round dining table isn't difficult, or expensive. Finding chairs might be something that takes a little while if you'd like something a little more unique.

These chandeliers are exceptional for over a round dining table. Each of these are around $100.00 from Wayfair. There both wood chandeliers, the top one being very traditional in style and the bottom one is unique with the wood beads.

I've actually made one of these lights!

In Your Kitchen

This hood vent is absolutely gorgeous. I love how the rivets are exposed, adding to this Industrial French Country style.

This is something that's not in our budget, being over $3,000.00.

Silver range hoods are everywhere and you can purchase one for a little over $100.00 and a simple range hook would be perfect in your kitchen. Use antique style cabinet knobs to add an old world touch and don't forget about adding vintage style pendants over your island.

These would be perfect and only priced around $80.00 at Wayfair.

Don't you love these large glass pendant and antique style stools? These two elements are what really makes this Industrial French Country, in addition to the natural wood island. The wood beams and copper range hook add to this look.

We already know that we can't afford a copper range hood, so adding a stainless steel one would be perfect here. The stools are very affordable.

$112.00 for (2) at Wayfair

These pendants are simply irreplaceable as you can see with the rusty white chippy paint. You know how to paint things, so purchase a few inexpensively - paint and rust them. The large pendants are what really makes this kitchen. I love the metal plates on the top of the oven surround. Everything else is pretty standard.

In Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is another room where you should have the most lush furnishings and only hints of industrial are needed.

I love these "ladder" night stands. These alone breath the industrial style in here and played off of with the two gorgeous table lamps. I also love the antique suite cases.

Talk about lush - that's all there is here. A simple metal and crystal chandelier is all that's needed here. Because everything is white, this dramatically stands out and would camouflage everything else.

We've explored lot's of ways for you to incorporate this style into your home today. This is a style that is truly unique and not for everyone. So keeping this in mind, you might have to get a little creative in decorating your home.

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