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It's A Glitzy Christmas

Wednesday 10/24/2018

How I love Christmas and all the beautiful things that come with it. I tend to be rather simple with a little bit of glitz.

Christmas decor as simple as handmade lanterns, a burlap tree, a pom-pom wreath and a gorgeous ruffled tree skirt. All very neutral - nothing glitzy, but simply beautiful.

Add some glamour casually like in gold or silver glass ornaments on ribbon and hung like seen here, or over a mirror.

I just simply love these miniature Pultz houses that are loaded with glitter for the holidays, especially this one on an antique pedestal dish.

Making your own snowballs is so fun and so easy with a couple styrofoam balls.

I absolutely love these trees that look like they have shingles of mother of pearl on them.

Everyone needs a couple of glitter reindeers. Here's one that I found at Hobby Lobby for a few dollars that I'm thinking of making my own with.

There's nothing like a glitzy Christmas without glitzy cards that can be shared with all of your loved one's. These are so simple to do you might just want to make one for your postman, barber or hairdresser, school teachers and who ever else you can think of. Mail one to God and thank him for another year with your family.

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