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Last Minute Thanksgiving Planner

November 21, 2019

· Home and Garden

Hello Friends! I've created a LAST MINUTE THANKSGIVING PLANNER that will get you through Thanksgiving this year with plenty of time to relax.

Here's a calendar that's going to assist in getting everything done.

November 18th Print out these cards that we'll be using each day up till Thanksgiving.

Also make appointment to have your rugs cleaned and relax

November 19th Make Budget Based on Approx. Number of People - then relax.

I've put together a shopping list for you at the Dollar Tree that will keep you on budget.

Everything you'll need to create a gorgeous table this year.

Also purchase lot's of aluminum plans and I'll tell you why.

November 20th Send E-vite Invitations

Simply print these on cardstock, add the address to the other side, place a stamp and send!

Also plan beverages for adults and kids and find time to relax.

November 21st Either order turkey and ham, or purchase - then relax.

November 22nd Make list of what you need and relax.

November 23rd Where and How you'll setup food

Here, I like the idea of setting up a buffet with all the food on the table, with plates - napkins and silverware.

Then when dinner is finished - do the same thing with your desserts.

Another idea in setting up a buffet is to place all of your food on your counters, with plates - napkins and silverware.

One of the beautiful parts of setting up a buffet is that people can easily get what they'd like and then rejoining everyone at the table.

One last idea is to have a cart in your dining room with the turkey, ham and side dish. All other food can grace the center of your dining table.

Also, finalize menu and go shopping - then relax.

November 25th Clean Powder Room - Thaw Turkey and Relax

November 26th Make Desserts and gather additional Seating, then relax.

November 27th Make Appetizers and Side Dishes, then relax this evening.

Thanksgiving Day

  • Prep turkey and place in oven
  • Make Stuffing, Potatoes and Gravy from pan drippings
  • Get Ice and Chill Beverages
  • Set Table and Buffet with tableware and glassware, silverware - then decorate. Use aluminum pans to bring out all your things.

You've done it!!! Now sit down to enjoy time with your family and friends!

At the end of your festivities, simply gather everything up in your dish pans to bring out into the kitchen. Dishware in one, silverware in another and napkins in a third.

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