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Making a Pine Wreath & Pine Swag

Saturday 11/10/2018

Making gorgeous fresh pine wreaths are a staple to every French Country home in the winter. Believe it or not, there quite simple to make.

Purchase a wreath wire frame and floral wire. Begin with taking a clump of pine and placing on the wreath frame, then wiring it in place.

Wire on another clump of pine over the area you just wired on.

Just keep overlaying and wiring on each new bundle of pine. Before you know it, you'll be done and wanting to make more for your home.

Purchase different size frames to make these gorgeous wreaths. Think about all areas of your home. Use over mirrors, use one on a wreath stand, use a few in some of your windows, place one on a ledge leaning against the wall - just get creative.

Making a fresh pine swag is similar to making a wreath in that it's all wired. Making a swag however doesn't use a form, but rather just wiring one bunch of pine on top of the other. Make it really full by placing the bundles closer together, or less sparse by spacing them out.

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