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Making Autumn Mugs

October 24, 2019 By Taina Laraba

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Happy Friday my Friends!

If you're anything like me in chilly, or cold weather - I enjoy going home to have a fresh cup of coffee. Now you may enjoy a cup of tea or hot coco. This is certainly the time of year for this!

Also, if you're anything like me - I'm forever breaking my mugs and other tableware - wondering what's happening to them. So with this said, my mugs especially are something that I like to have a few of - especially with two of us drinking a lot of coffee.

Recently I've been seeing these wonderful mugs with sayings on them. Now I've never had mugs with sayings on them, but think it's a wonderful way to start my day. Maybe just a simple quote.

And me being me, I had to find out how to make some and low and behold, I did!

Materials you'll need:

  • Waterslide Decal Paper
  • Bowl
  • Computer and Printer

There are different types and brands of waterslide decal paper, some are for inkjet printers, others for laserjet printers so make sure you also carefully read their instructions before using them, because there might me some differences.

Step 1. Find an image, quote, or design your own quote and print it out.

Step 2. Cut the images with the scissors, close to the borders.

Step 3. Sink every image into the water before applying, and let them sit in the water following the manufacturer’s instructions. While still in the water, check to see if the top foil, the one with the image on it starts to slide, but don’t remove it from the paper base just yet.

Step 4. Remove the waterslide decal paper from the water and apply it on your object. Slide and gradually remove the paper base of the decal, leaving the translucent top foil with the rinted image on your object.

Step 5. Use a paper towel to remove any excess water or any air bubbles under the decals. Wipe gently and try not to move the decals from position, starting from the inside of the image and gradually going to the outside of the image. Set aside, let them dry.

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