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Making Snowballs DIY

Monday 11/19/2018

Making Snowballs

Don't you just love these and there so realistic looking. These are so simple to make and I'm going to show you how.

Materials - baking soda, water, pinch of salt, white glue, styrofoam balls of different sizes.

First add the baking soda to a bowl, then very slowly add some water stirring really well, add a little bit more water and mix really well. Keep doing this till you reach a wet thick paste, now add a lot of glue to the mixture and allow to dry somewhat. You want to keep this in a sealable container for future projects.

Take one of the styrofoam balls and simply begin adding your new snow paste on one side and put aside to dry. Continue doing this with the other styrofoam balls. Once all the sides are dried, flip them over and do the same thing on the other side and allow to dry.

Your going to want to put this on everything. Unlike a lot of faux snow, this will not flake off because we used glue in the mixture.

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