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Making Sock Pumpkins

November 5, 2019

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Hello today my Friends! Can you believe that I'm still thinking about PUMPKINS? And making them?

Well I have something special to share with you today because I know your going to love working with this particular material because it's so super warm and soft.

Just look at how gorgeous these are!

And there so simple to make!


Step 1. MAKE A TUBE OUT OF THE FABRIC - If you are making fabric pumpkins out of old socks like I did. Then it’s easy! Just cut a section of the sock that is the size you want your pumpkin. I cut mine to be 7″ long x 3.5″w.

Step 2. USE YOUR FLOSS AND CLOSE UP THE BOTTOM SIDE OF THE TUBE - Turn the tube inside out and sew up the bottom of the tube with your floss.

Step 3. Pull the seam tight so it is bunched together. Sew a few more stitches through the center of the bunch. You basically want your fabric to be bunched as tightly as possible. This is going to be the bottom of your pumpkin.

Step 1. Then turn your fabric right side up.


Step 1. STITCH THE TOP OF YOUR FABRIC PUMPKIN AND MAKE SECTIONS WITH EMBROIDERY FLOSS -With 20″-30″ of embroidery floss, stitch a seam around the top of your pumpkin. Then pull the embroidery floss tight to close your pumpkin. Cut off any extra fabric above the seam you have just sewed. But do not cut or tie off your embroidery floss.

Step 2. Take the embroidery floss and go through the center of the pumpkin. Divide your pumpkin into sections by bringing your floss through the center of the pumpkin and then around the pumpkin, making six sections.

Step 3. When you make the last section pull the floss tight and tie it on the underside of the pumpkin.

GLUE ON YOUR STEM, LEAVES AND OTHER ACCESSORIES - The final step is to use your hot glue gun and attach your stem and leaves. You can use pieces of branches for the stem.

You can make fake pumpkin leaves from felt. Glue the stem on first and use the leaves to cover up the glue that is peeking through.

Now scatter these throughout your home and when your hands are feeling a little chilly, go over and hug one of these!

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